Monday, 22 October 2012

Me and my pregnant husband

Are you okay? Is there something wrong with the title? Nope, nothing is wrong, you are reading correctly and I am writing correctly. I think my husband is PREGNANT. I mean he has pregnancy symptoms, to a certain extend more than I do.

It was during a casual dinner with family that one of the aunty mentioned “ do you know some husbands have pregnancy symptoms as well?” I think I have heard of it but I didn’t pay much attention to it. But Jon is happy to hear that and since then he will say things like “ I also have cravings you know, I want to eat chocolate”  Fine, it’s just one lame excuse to eat more chocolate..

The other day he was telling me “I know how you feel, now I also have round ligament pain, I can feel my lower abdominal muscle pain sometimes, I don’t know why.” I thought he was just getting too fat and his tummy is stretching too much. So I didn’t caught my attention either.

But last night..

I had to wake up to stretch his leg when he had leg cramp in the middle of the night, though I know it must have been painful to have cramps, but then… who is the one pregnant now?!?!? And I have to get up to stretch your leg? to massage for you?? I nearly pengsan thinking..

I just hope his tummy will not grow any bigger than now, because we having almost same the same waistline, I am starting to wear his baggy t shirt, I hope he won’t fit into my maternity clothes one day, lol.

P/S:  Couvade syndrome, or sympathetic pregnancy, is a term used to describe the situation that occurs when an otherwise healthy man whose partner is expecting, also experiences pregnancy symptoms.

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