Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Repot Polis (II)

It has been three days since I last posted the blog on snatch theft incident I suffered from, at first I wanted to write about the aftermath of the case: I fell sick and very sick for three days.

After settling the police report I went back home to bath and rest, but I feel severe pain in the bones, I thought I must be the rain that causes me flu and sore throat and subsequently body ache. I didn’t bother to think because I was still traumatized by the lost stuff.

It was only later the night I realized I have fallen sick when I feel my body shivering from the say 30 degree hot weather. My brother brought me to see doctor and the lady said I was having high fever of 38.9 degree and suggest me to take a jab, I resisted and took some medicine home

I wake up next morning with the same sickness and I went to see another doctor, more medicine given (9 types altogether). All the sickness I could think off came to me: fever, flu, sore throat, headache, cough, diarrhea, not to mention to strain on my arm that I found that much later.

So I was sleeping and eating medicine and sleeping and eating medicine and the circle went on and on for three full days. I asked “ God, why do you allow this happen to me?” The instant feeling of my bag being snatched keep haunting me and make me paranoid to leave the house. (Especially the location of the theft is a road I must pass through to go in and out of my house)

Today as I began to seek for God’s comfort in songs and psalm, I started to understand that I have been setting my mind on the wrong focus. I have been thinking on how much loses I suffered, I have been thinking on how could I have prevented it from happening, but this only allows devil to amplified the trouble and uses fear and doubt to attack my faith.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, the scripture says “Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ”. At first I do not understand and I tried very hard to figure out what have I done wrong that God wants to chasten me this way.

I came across this meaningful article on the web that says crying and mourning does not help the situation and the people around us don’t appreciate it either. Only through praising God in times of trouble we can bring us into God’s throne for a personal consultation and breaks the devil’s grip on the situation.

God wants us to praise him in bad times because it shows our trust on Him. It shows that we believe His promises to carry us through. The author says “When we praise God, we focus on His proven character and His faithfulness to His promises. We demonstrate that we put more trust in God's promises than in our problems. That is faith. And our Lord responds to faith.”

Now I can see the whole incident from a different shed of light:

- I have not suffered any injuries except a small cut on the arm
- I have not withdraw money from the bank as I intended to
- I have just tainted the bag just not too long ago
- I have not bought the wallet with my own money
- I have not bought a new handphone according to plan
- I have downloaded all the photos from the camera before this
- I have enjoyed so much “family warmth” during the sick days

I troubled almost every family member of mine, to send me to police station, to send me to see doctor, to borrow me handphone, to cook for me porridge, to lend me money, and to give me lots of tender loving care. And we talked and spent time like I have not done for a long time, and the amazing thing is I found out how easy it is to say “thank you” to my family sincerely.

Lord, I praise you for your faithfulness and love toward me. I thank you for taking charge of my problems in every difficult situation. Please forgive me for setting my mind on the damage done and release me from the trauma and anger I have upon this incident, Lord. Help me to walk in your truth, protecting love and strengthening power, so that nothing can frighten me or worry me, I pray, amen.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Repot Polis

Kata Aduan:

Pada jam lebih kurang 2:30 petang 04/01/09 semasa saya sedang berjalan kaki di Taman Suntex, Cheras untuk pergi ke kereta saya tiba-tiba telah datang dari arah belakang sebuah m/sikal no WMH 5624, jenis tidak pasti, warna biru yang dinaiki oleh bangsa tiday pasti telah manarik beg tangan saya dan selepas itu terus melarikan diri ke arah mana saya tidak pasti. Di dalam beg tangan saya mengandungi:-
1) Beg tangan Gucci
2) Dompet Prada
3) Handphone Vodafone 720
4) Handphone LG KG 800
5) Camera Sony T710
6) Wifi USB Card
7) Kad Pengenalan
8) Lesen Memandu
9) Kad ATM Maybank
10) Kad Kredit Maybank / Citibank
11) Wang tunai

Sekian laporan saya.

Today is indeed a sad day for me, my bag was snatched as described in the above mentioned police report, no injuries reported, just a slight bruises on my right hand (in which I don’t even have camera to take photos for you to see).

Of course the worst damage was made in the heart, to which all contacts are lost. Yes friends who treat you as friend will contact you no matter how. But there are some friends whom you may not have kept in touch, but you just don’t want to forget them.

What made me upset was the troubles it take to get all the replacement identity card, credit card, atm card and all other cards. Even to make the police report we had to go to two different police stations because one of them are officially “offline”.

I do not know why and how I did not take out the camera which is of no use already from the handbag, only if I could have taken it out the day before, it saves so much to the damages I suffered from. The same applies for the Wifi USB adapter and Free Movie Vouchers I didn’t mention in the report.

However, I consider myself lucky for not buying a new handphone in time, it was always in my itinerary to buy a new handphone for myself as the LG chocolate is dying off long time ago. Too bad for the limited edition Vodafone given by the companyL

Not to even mention about the Gucci handbag and Prada wallet which constitutes to the biggest lost in this incident.

I can only look at it in the most positive light I can see, to let go the past and start a new year with new handbag, new handphone and new everything else. Not a bad idea after all ya?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Before the year ends tonight

Before the year ends tonight, I want to remember all these that happened in 2008, be it good, be it bad, I learnt and I grew, now I wrap it all in this year’s memory box and look forward to the New Year to come.

Don’t remember a single thing as the whole month was fully dedicated to work, busy doing last minute preparation for the Barcelona event, the biggest and toughest event of the year which I scared most (scared because we have to deal with all the military style management in this top level company event).

Business trip to Barcelona (again) and visited Amsterdam for 3days 2nights, beautiful city with windmill, cheese factory, at the same time dangerous streets with legalized prostitute and marijuana. It was nominated the third friendliest city in Europe.

Holiday trip to Bintulu with Air Ais free tickets, yup we walked something like 20-30 km to see the Niah Cave, which is either cordoned off to protect the artifacts or too dark in the cave to see anything at all. This must be the most regretful event of the year!

I was diagnosed with Depression by the physician at Pantai Hospital, thank God I have recovered (I think hence I am). Reason unidentified for the waking up in the middle of the night and gone hysteria with too much self pity and lonesome tears.

It was Tzeh’s birthday, we had a nice dinner with KLCC sunset view at PNB Darby Park, though the western cuisine has now changed into a melayu cuisine, it is still a good spot to enjoy the sunset (I don’t recall anywhere else you could do so)

I started a blog after traumatized by the fact that my best-e-s-t buddy on earth announced her wedding plan, she is probably the only human being on earth to whom I could pour out every single thing in my mind, I love you Renee!

Singapore business trip, bought the cheapest Swarovski Levi’s on town, yeah yeah!! Had the nicest chicken rice and 豆浆油条 in Food Republic, Suntec City. Oh yeah, we pretended to be tourist and visited the civilization museum, supreme court, the padang etc, and the verdict is Singapore has nothing worth visiting!

Streamyx landed on my kampong house at last! Coming home become an enjoyable activities unlike before, can you imagine I used to live in a place with no astro, no internet, no mamak stall and no shopping mall. Gosh, I don’t know how I survived.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come!” I attended the six-week New Life course in SBKL, with much to learn and much to share. I started to practice daily devotion with 7days homework a week to do and submit.

TM Metro E Forum, yes I was the emcee (again). I don’t know why I am such a timid person yet I enjoyed being the master of ceremony for formal and exclusive event like this. No pay no perks, just for the sake of helping other department, saved company lots of money no doubt.

19 May 2008 is a day worth remembering for I was lying on my bed and I felt the bed was shaking for a second or two, I didn’t know what’s going on until the next day I read from paper “Tremors felt in the Klang Valley and Malacca when an earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale occurred at 10.26pm in Sumatra, 336km SW of Klang.” Sigh, some more I mistaken earthquake for some evil spirit in my room and couldn’t sleep the whole night, bodoh betul.

Yearly Singapore business trip, the third year and I am still stick to my job, my boss teased to promote me to be the CEO (chief exhibition officer), with the high turn over rate in the company, I am now the almost the most senior in everything I do already.

My Birthday, Tzeh brought me to a nice restaurant in Bangsar Village II after much research and findings (which he rarely does), it was a Swarovski necklace for my birthday present. El Cerdo in Changkat Bukit Bintang was another great place to celebrate birthday as I get to break a plate according to their custom to bring me good luck, lol.

Renee’s wedding, it was comfy and cozy for the dinner was held in a small restaurant called Bayu Timur, Taman Megah, I like it because the couple gets to walk around and chat with everybody with the small group of guests. At the same time met up with Mandy and family doing our own yum cha session at one corner, hehe.

I bluffed my way to Tokyo, just to handle less than 10 customers in total (I had no choice, I want to go no matter what), visited almost every part of the city and went to Hakone for hot spring in the hot hot summer. But I love Tokyo; it is a highly efficient and convenient city with strange culture.
-The transportation system is punctual; 15:39 means 15:39 on the dot
- Talking on the phone in public places like train and restaurant is considered rude
- The use of handkerchief and paper fan is still very common and practical
- I waited one hour for my turn to have breakfast in the hotel because no joining of table is allowed
- I experienced earthquake thinking it is nice to sleep on the rocking bed until my colleague called and shouted earthquake

Flew to Beijing from Tokyo because the bosses insists we can only work when we sit down together face to face, squad in Beijing for the whole 30 days (luckily I only have 30 days validity due to the stringent rules by the Chinese government). Had very bad fight with my boss and caused a chaos in the committee, he had to “zham cha” to me after the intercession by the bigger boss.

We participated quite a bit the in First ever Olympic in China, we watched the opening ceremony a few hundreds meters away from the stadium, we went into the four major stadiums to watch the athletes, swimming, fencing and gymnastics respectively, what else could I ask for from Olympics? Many other first time experiences already written in the previous entries.

This is a month full of medical appointments; first I did a body check and found out that I have high cholesterol, to my greatest surprise, but now reduced to normal range already. Then I had the first gynae visit to check the unusual pap smear result, it was just common infection. And I also had the first teeth crowning, for the rotten filling has dropped out again, now it’s just like brand new.

Can you believe it? I went for the first ever Singapore F1 Night Race and Ferrari team lost pathetically due to some stupid mistakes and accidents. It was a night filled with excitements especially for we managed to go into the race track at the end and saw the race car in real close distant, we even wave the Ferrari flag in front of the pit stop. Thanks to the H customers whom I received during the period.

Finally I decided to do Laser Treatment for my eyes at Optimax, Sunway, I off lens and be the ugly Betty for two weeks, but now I bid glasses goodbye for good for ever. I missed Daphne’s wedding at some far away country side but I am very happy for her and her fairy tale love story. Also due to the body check up results, I started my Hepatitis B jab this month as the immunity no longer active in my body.

12 October 2008, I was born again into the family of God with the water baptism in Bukit Damansara. I never had a birthday like this before, with warmth greetings and congratulatory message from the loved ones, I was on cloud nine for so many days. And I thank my family members for being so supportive all this while.

I attended the young adult Awakening Camp and made many discoveries on my baby Christian walk, it was a wonderful weekend with indulgences of God’s word with the fellow cell members in particular, church member in general. I hold worms in my hands for the first time (actually no feeling at all, and I’m glad I was forced to do so in the games session).

I had my first ever Diamond Ring from the so called stick clearance sales from Wah Chan, 1 Utama (later only realized all rings can get up to 70% wherever you go). Anyway, it was not for proposal, it was “just for fun” according to the Tzeh’s dictionary. It’s ok, I like my Christmas present, though I brought him there, I chose and he only paid.

This was my third visit to Macao, and this time only I really spend time to explore the food galore. Must try is the authentic Portuguese food and some local delicacies not available in other parts of China or Malaysia.

Worst incident in the year, I had a bad hair do! I do not know why and when and how and who and what but my hair looks ugly now, never had such negative comments from the friends before (sorry I took it personally, keke). Also on this basis, I decided to forgo the most looking forward company dinner this time. Had the worst buffet dinner on KL Tower, limited selection, old-style set up, lousy service, expensive charges, only for the bird eye’s view of the city.

The return of the once upon a time hopeless romantic Tzeh, we bid each other goodbye and I saw him walking to get his car. The moment I reach home, he called and asked me to open the door for him, because I seemed sad when he left and he decided to follow me home to give me a surprise. Wow, this is really like as seen on TV, I was deeply touched.

Cervarex, the new innovation prevent Cervical cancer has been taken this month, another two more to go to complete the course in June next year. Brought my parents to watch the movie “Ip Man” in the cinema for the first time in my life (and first time in their life also).

Spent my first Christmas at Malacca with Tzeh’s family, it was just amazing to see the whole family get together to sing charols, exchange presents and hang out at night. I did my first knitting of a muffle ( and I am now termed the most stupid learner on earth) to Tzeh, a family tree with tiny little photos of each family members to my parents, brothers and sister ( my mom praise me “pandai” for doing so). It was really a blessing to be able to give.