Tuesday, 25 March 2008

KLCC car park incident

As usual I walk to the car park alone today after work, my mood was good after catching up with a long lost friend by accident (he was a friend of mine which none of us realize). I’m glad to tell them that now I live a healthy life, I don’t club I don’t drink and I don’t smoke anymore. And I thank God for the change in me. There were 3 of us in the lift: a well dressed chinese lady, a baju kurung malay lady and myself. I overheard them talking about changing job changing industry changing boss, the common topic you get to hear in the office area.

Then the lift stopped at basement 3, I walked towards my car, I saw the malay lady waking to the same direction like I do. I saw the MPV that parked beside me this morning, the car was actually “in the parking box”. Yes, that’s how I would term it, as in it is so slanted that you could not parked straight next to them. So I find myself squeezing through the small space between the two cars, surprising the malay lady was just standing behind me.. So what happened next? Robbery? Kidnap? Terrorist? Suicide bomber?

Wrong, you got it all wrong!!! As I make my way to my car seat, she come near to me and smile “I was looking at you just now, you have very nice complexion.” I was flattered by her comment and I regret for cursing the MPV owner this morning. Though she has terrible parking skill, she has a kind heart. I looked at the rear mirror for like about 30 seconds, left right, front back, adoring though each and every single pore and hair I have on the face. And I say to myself “it’s just so simple to say a compliment and make somebody’s day!”

I once read a book by John Maxwell about how to make others feel like a million bucks. He list out 25 ways to win people under his leadership series book. One of the strategies is to make compliments within the first 30 seconds you start a conversation with somebody. Who will not be glad to receive compliments, it makes one feel good about themselves and hence about the person who made the compliments as well. And now you all people out there, can you think when was the last time you received a compliment and it brighten your boring lousy day?

If a stranger or a friend can make your day by just saying a few lines, will you not try it to the person whom you love, to the person who loves you and to the person who was always there for you, to the person who helped you through and to the person you appreciate most. Think about something encouraging that you can tell them, whether they look radiant, they close a deal, they bring laughter or anything that could make them feel good. Come on, try it and tell me if it works.

Friday, 21 March 2008

my super nanny

It is a norm in my company to have your boss changed every year, I’ve been with the company two years, and I’ve already changed two bosses with the third one still pending to come. From a junior and totally fresh non technical backgound lass two years ago now I am the most senior and the only one in my part of job today. Sounds like a good thing to me ya?

Yes and no, and I am more prone to the no side. Reason being when my boss was here, I do my part of the job and he does his, we already worked out “the way” to collaborate and cooperate our job to get the optimus result, and we are both happy about it. When Ifirst heard that he would be transferred to another department, I don’t have much worries about it because well I think I’m goning to train the new boss the same tricks.

But the trouble now is the new boss is yet to be here, and the other senior has been replaced by a totally out of the way young chap who is so enthusiastic about his new job. I’ve known this chap for a long time, in fact we even hang out for drinks sometimes when we head for the same business trip. And now he is my boss’s assistant.

From the first day of work, he called me at 9am asking “where is my seat?”, well, out of courtesy I showed him the way. Then he continued to ask “ where is the toilet?” so well, again out of courtesy I pointed him way to the toilet and I hang around in another department on some discussion. 20 minutes later, I saw the secretary rushing to me and said “your boss is stranded in the emergency exit!”

First thing that crossed my mind was the alarm alert some time ago, which only ring when somebody hacks into the emergency exit and we both rushed our way to the emergency and saw him with his all sweat out look staring at me.

Later in the aftennoon, he changed his questions into “ can you help me to call so and so?” “ can you help me to reserve a meeting room?” and I gently hold my breath (actually flame of fire) and tell him we have a secretary and it’s her job and do this for you. Guess this chap never learnt his lesson and when I knock off at 6pm, I packed my stuff and head home, what do you think he asked me? Think… and he asked “ aren’t you wait for me to go home?” Gosh..

Wednesday, 19 March 2008




今天MSN他突然说了一句话“你可以把我的故事写出来,给我介绍一个女朋友吗?”我心顿时划过好多个念头:我什么时候开始变成点唱机,随便丢几个零钱就能播放歌曲?可是,如果我把他的故事写出来,找到一个女朋友那我岂不是变成媒人?接下来我的博客是否可以经营match making生意? 那我是不是要设计一个完美的系统让天下有情人终成眷属?
哇塞。。想着想着自己呵呵在笑。可是我还装冷静的告诉他“请提供妳的个人资料,年龄,收入,资产,条件等”Z吓了一跳,博客而已,不需要这些细节吧?“那选择提供你的理想结婚岁数,想要生几个小孩?”Z一百正经回答说我希望在29-31岁之间结婚,2-3 个小孩. 我调皮的回答说,那你等4年后我再给你写吧,反正你现在才25岁。。

各位亲爱的朋友,如有你们家里有女初成长,想要找个天真直率的男孩谈纯纯的恋爱。请拨电9738 2938。哈哈,电话是假的啦,真的有兴趣就告诉我,我会认证安排的!!不收佣金喔。

Monday, 17 March 2008

R&D wedding (2)

“Erm..Uncle, can I marry your daughter?” “Erm.. Ladies and gentleman, I’ve decided to marry R.” “ Uncle, aunty, goh goh, jie jie, R and I will be getting married soon.” No good no good!! How should I start the topic?

I wonder how many times all these statements came across D’s mind have. Yes, he is the husband-to-be of my beloved R. Yes, they have decided to settle down. But, both their parents are not aware of this yet.

Haha, this is the tricky part. R and I was just discussing maybe she should bring along a camera on the big night and record each and every words he whisper, how he make his confession and how he commit himself to take care of her for the rest of his life, for richer for poorer, till death do them part.

You may not want to keep this for yourself, you may remember exactly how you feel for the first one week, but memory will fade, be it yours or his or everybody else. So remember to take from me the camera, and show the recording to your first born child and tell them “ See, this is how your mummy got trapped last time.”

Of course R was not tricked into marriage by his sweat talk, D has got ONE valid reason why R should marry him. Shhh… this you can not tell your children ya, else they will bully their dad later.

“ Oh darling, after a thorough consideration and much preparation, I hereby hand to you a wedding proposal on the year 2008 for the following reason, which is also the one and only reason: I notice that you do not like to do housework, you could leave your maggie bowl unwashed for weeks until worms are spreading on top of it, you could changed your bed sheet without bringing the used one to laundry for months, by saying this I am not trying to say that you are a messy person, I know you like cleanliness but sometimes you are just too lazy to handle all these chores. If you marry me, I will guarantee that you have a clean and tidy house everyday you come home, I can even take care of your father’s laundry (which I am already doing now), with this I can see a more cheerful you with less stressful life and we will live happily ever after.”










Wednesday, 12 March 2008


前段时间医生说我患了忧郁症。 忧郁症,你们知道什么是忧郁症吗?就像电影情节某个女人因为被老公抛弃受不了打击换上忧郁症胡思乱想,最后无声无息的跑上天台,“碰”跳了一来结束自己的生命的那种吗? 我心里捏了一把冷汗,难道我这么年轻,还没结婚,还没小孩,还没创业,还么赚钱,就。。。


医生继续问:“你想过自杀吗?”我想了一想。“没有, 不过有时候会觉得或者怎么那么难。” 医生用很严厉的眼眶藐我一下,很沉重的语气说“这就是自杀的念头!”我惊慌的快要发抖,以前的我总是在说只有一无所有的人才有闹自杀,不负责任的人才会去死。这医生怎么搞的?随便两句话就把我判死刑?我有深爱我的家人,热情的同事,友好的死党,良好的嗜好,我怎么会轻易放弃宝贵的生命呢?

可是原来忧郁症是一种病,它无色无影无孔不入插进你每个神经细胞,搞到你自己在做什么想什么都分不清是自己是别人。医生没有给我安眠葯,她说药品帮不了你。 那我问神啊,你会帮我吗?

R&D wedding (1)