Tuesday, 25 March 2008

KLCC car park incident

As usual I walk to the car park alone today after work, my mood was good after catching up with a long lost friend by accident (he was a friend of mine which none of us realize). I’m glad to tell them that now I live a healthy life, I don’t club I don’t drink and I don’t smoke anymore. And I thank God for the change in me. There were 3 of us in the lift: a well dressed chinese lady, a baju kurung malay lady and myself. I overheard them talking about changing job changing industry changing boss, the common topic you get to hear in the office area.

Then the lift stopped at basement 3, I walked towards my car, I saw the malay lady waking to the same direction like I do. I saw the MPV that parked beside me this morning, the car was actually “in the parking box”. Yes, that’s how I would term it, as in it is so slanted that you could not parked straight next to them. So I find myself squeezing through the small space between the two cars, surprising the malay lady was just standing behind me.. So what happened next? Robbery? Kidnap? Terrorist? Suicide bomber?

Wrong, you got it all wrong!!! As I make my way to my car seat, she come near to me and smile “I was looking at you just now, you have very nice complexion.” I was flattered by her comment and I regret for cursing the MPV owner this morning. Though she has terrible parking skill, she has a kind heart. I looked at the rear mirror for like about 30 seconds, left right, front back, adoring though each and every single pore and hair I have on the face. And I say to myself “it’s just so simple to say a compliment and make somebody’s day!”

I once read a book by John Maxwell about how to make others feel like a million bucks. He list out 25 ways to win people under his leadership series book. One of the strategies is to make compliments within the first 30 seconds you start a conversation with somebody. Who will not be glad to receive compliments, it makes one feel good about themselves and hence about the person who made the compliments as well. And now you all people out there, can you think when was the last time you received a compliment and it brighten your boring lousy day?

If a stranger or a friend can make your day by just saying a few lines, will you not try it to the person whom you love, to the person who loves you and to the person who was always there for you, to the person who helped you through and to the person you appreciate most. Think about something encouraging that you can tell them, whether they look radiant, they close a deal, they bring laughter or anything that could make them feel good. Come on, try it and tell me if it works.

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Gavin said...

you are the durian of my eyes. yes you have a good complexion and a sweet smile...can I date you?