Friday, 21 March 2008

my super nanny

It is a norm in my company to have your boss changed every year, I’ve been with the company two years, and I’ve already changed two bosses with the third one still pending to come. From a junior and totally fresh non technical backgound lass two years ago now I am the most senior and the only one in my part of job today. Sounds like a good thing to me ya?

Yes and no, and I am more prone to the no side. Reason being when my boss was here, I do my part of the job and he does his, we already worked out “the way” to collaborate and cooperate our job to get the optimus result, and we are both happy about it. When Ifirst heard that he would be transferred to another department, I don’t have much worries about it because well I think I’m goning to train the new boss the same tricks.

But the trouble now is the new boss is yet to be here, and the other senior has been replaced by a totally out of the way young chap who is so enthusiastic about his new job. I’ve known this chap for a long time, in fact we even hang out for drinks sometimes when we head for the same business trip. And now he is my boss’s assistant.

From the first day of work, he called me at 9am asking “where is my seat?”, well, out of courtesy I showed him the way. Then he continued to ask “ where is the toilet?” so well, again out of courtesy I pointed him way to the toilet and I hang around in another department on some discussion. 20 minutes later, I saw the secretary rushing to me and said “your boss is stranded in the emergency exit!”

First thing that crossed my mind was the alarm alert some time ago, which only ring when somebody hacks into the emergency exit and we both rushed our way to the emergency and saw him with his all sweat out look staring at me.

Later in the aftennoon, he changed his questions into “ can you help me to call so and so?” “ can you help me to reserve a meeting room?” and I gently hold my breath (actually flame of fire) and tell him we have a secretary and it’s her job and do this for you. Guess this chap never learnt his lesson and when I knock off at 6pm, I packed my stuff and head home, what do you think he asked me? Think… and he asked “ aren’t you wait for me to go home?” Gosh..


Renee said...

Wow! The "Nanny Job" sounds really awful to me.. Creating another kinda nightmare man..

e said...

Whatever u do, don't jump from the Twin Towers .... Push him instead.