Thursday, 16 December 2010

Egypt Trip (Episode 10)

Day 10 Cairo (14th Nov 2010)
Surprisingly Isis came to our hotel to give us her homemade Egyptian puff, so sweet of her, she is the most amazing tour guide we have ever seen, knowledgeable and cheerful, good at controlling the crowd. She can call every one of us by name, and she does not like you to interrupt when she is explaining, oh yeah, and she is very proud to be 100% Egyptian (it is the law that every tour guide in Egypt must be 100% Egyptian).

Egypt Trip (Episode 9)

Day 9 Cairo (13 Nov 2010)
Great Pyramids of Giza

Finally the train arrives at Cairo city at 10am, we are 2 hours behind schedule. Henny told us they receive complains all the time, but that is how the trains work in Egypt, they are using the type of trains nobody is using since 100 years ago:) We straight away head to the Great Pyramids of Giza, Henny collected LE 30 from each of us to buy the ticket to enter one of the smaller Pyramid. Isis told us that there are 120 Pyramids in Egypt, 9 in Cairo but only one is listed as one of the Seven Wonder of the World. Maybe we have seen and heard too much about the Pyramid, when we really see it with our own eyes, it seems pretty normal despite the fact that it is huge.

Entering the Pyramid is like entering a sauna room, the moment you get into it, you will start sweating, it is dark, it is narrow and it has nothing inside, but at least we get to see what it’s like though it’s empty. Isis told us all the pyramid was found empty as they were robbed, it is too obvious that the pyramid is a tomb filled with treasures and gold. That’s why the yong boy Tutankhamun become famous because his was the only tomb found not robbed.

We took the camel ride at the wide desert, the camel seems very dirty and ugly, haha.. and everybody screamed for help when the camel gets up from sitting position (imagine the swing and the height)

The Sphinx
The Sphinx is a figure with human head and lion body. The broken nose was caused by a radical Muslim who destroyed it but the government chose to keep its originality and not to repair it.

We walked up the stairs and a yong girl approached us saying Jon didn’t wear the hair dress correctly, she nicely helped him to adjust the hair dress and show us a good spot to take photos. We were impressed how we helped us to position ourselves to take photos of us kissing the pyramid, holding it, punching it, etc . She get more aggressive and took over Jon’s SLR, in our mind, we are thinking of course you need to pay for her service, but we don’t mind la.

Mana tahu when we are done and about to leave, we took out LE 20 (appx. 3.5 USD) to give her as tips, she does not want to take it, she said it is small money (can you believe it? Even the souvenir we bought are always LE10, LE 20 is consider a generous tips la.. ) But she insist no, she wants US Dollar, not small money, and she follow us all the way to the exit, and shouted at us “Delete! My photo! Delete!” as though we are the robber or thief, malu betul.

Lunch @ Hard Rock Café
It is Hari Raya Haji holiday the next whole week, we were told that the Muslim will have to sacrifice an animal as offering, they keep half for the family and the other half for the poor. That’s why we see a lot of sheep on the road, alive or dead. And we even see a carriage with big chunks of meats, thinking it is lamb or beef, when we see the second carriage with big chunks of intestines, Isis told us that it’s camel that they slaughtered! Yes, camel is a lot cheaper than cow or sheep.

Lunch at Hard Rock is fabulous, one of the best meal in Egypt, buffet some more! Suddenly the music tergendela many times, like CD jammed, and we see the staff standing in one line and start to dance and sing, very entertaining. Jon bought a few t shirt for his buddy, claiming that this is the cheapest hard rock t shirt he ever bought. And it is the first time we see an 1 US Dollar coin, when the staff give us the change in USD.

Egyptian Musem
The day in Cairo is the most tiring day in the whole trip, we are so used to eat sleep eat sleep in the cruise but this is a long full day in Cairo, by the time we reach the museum, a lot of us already start yawning.

Egyptian Museum is very impressive, it is like a time tunnel that brings you back to the ancient Egyptian time. Big statues everywhere, mummy coffin big and small, ancient tools and accessories, wow! It’s like Ben Stiller’s movie “A night in the museum”.

All the treasure of King Tutakhamun is displayed here, from his chariots, to his throne, to his under garment, to his coffin, basically his whole “tomb” is in the museum, except his mummy still remains in the Valley of the Kings. Amazed to see his face mask and his coffin after another coffin so nicely done even few thousands years back.

We paid LE 100 each to see the royal mummies in the museum, there are 27 of them altogether, all nicely preserved. They wrapped the body with cloths, and we can only their face, hands and feet. Some even have hair, eye lashes, finger nails and teeth.

Not much feelings looking at the mummies, I guess it’s because we have seen the fake one, all the time in movies, and we have not seen any dead body without mummification process, so hard to compare how well they preserve it. Ironically, we just watched “Adele, rise of the mummy” right before the trip, it helps us to understand the mummification better.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar
This is a very big bazaar that stretches out to all four corner of the road, selling all sort of stuff from souvenir for tourists and blankets for household purpose. But we had another bad experience dealing with the locals.

Generally the price here is a lot higher then all the other cities we been to, luckily we bought almost all that we want the day before. At the first shop we stopped by, we asked for the price of a small purse, they said 1 USD, but we want to buy in Egyptian Pound, so we bargain until LE 30 for 6. (1 USD = 5.7 LE, we asked for LE 5 only, not too much right?)

When we wanted to pay, the owner come and ask for more money, because he wants to sell at 1USD not 5 LE. We are not happy they jack up the price like that and ask for our money back, not only he didn’t want to give us back but he raised his voice and ask for more money. We were very frustrated to deal with him and as he got our money in his hand, we can’t just walk away. Luckily somebody came into the shop and diverted his attention, and we quickly run for our life.

Egypt Trip (Episode 8)

Day 8 Aswan (12 Nov 2010)
This is a boring day where we have nothing to do, and they expect us to join the optional tour. Isis is very good at adjusting the time here and there and bring us to factories here and there. We don’t mind because they always serve us karkade drink, haha. But to pay to visit the Nubian kampung just to see the normal house and school, no one is interested.

Aswan Market
We went to Aswan Market in the morning as the felucca didn’t come on time. We just walk walk see see and take photographs as we didn’t bring out the camera the night before. But this time we managed to walk all the way to the end and bought some papyrus paper as souvenir.

When we bought the papyrus paper, the person does not have any change to give back to us, so he has to go around and ask his friend for change. There is this particular person that gives him the change, and he casually asked Jon “where are you from?” As they begin to chat, he slap on Jon’s neck a few times (on friendly ground) and Jon found it very agitated but do not know what to say or how to react. They just seem very friendly and natural, what can we do? Our first reaction is to check the wallet and thank God every penny is intact.

While waiting for the rest to come, we walked into a bookshop and found a very interesting book, it is called “Egypt then and now”. It has very nice illustration about most of the tourist site, with a photo of it’s current outlook as the base, and on top of it you can place a transparent cover to see how it is like before (with the original colour and missing part).

Felucca Ride
We went to a restaurant in a small island in the middle of the Nile river, I felt like we were in Africa, with the open window and the natural scenery and birds flying around. Then we took the felucca ride, it is a sailing boat with no engine and it takes 2 people to manoeuvre the steering and the canvas sail.

Sleeping Train
After lunch, we went back to the cruise to rest before we transfer to train station for overnight journey to Cairo. By then only we found out that there is no shower facilities in the train, and we can’t bath for one day? All of us take turn to sneak into the toilet and lap badan with the small tiny hand tower and took out our overnight items as there may be not enough space to open the big luggage.

Yes, we are right, the moment we went into the train cabin, we got a shock of our life that it is so small.. after fitting in all the luggages, we basically have no more place to turn around. But magic happens when the staff opens up the double deck and suddenly it looks like a decent sleeping room with basin for wash up.
Good thing is that we are so used to eat sleep eat sleep, both Jon and I slept our way through the night. I do not want to talk about the toilet (please)

Opps, almost forgotten the “except us” story, see there is a basin for us to wash hand, but the water is boiling hot, we tried all other cabins, theirs are okay. So we asked the staff to come and fix it, he even bring a technician to fix it for us. But it is still hot. And I started to get depressed “ why everyone gets double bed except us? Why everyone gets to watch fox movie except us? And why everyone gets cold water except us? Pai Mia..

Along the railway, we see a lot of people still wash clothes at the river, and the houses are built “half way” with the unfinished roof top, tour guide said that they will continue to build again once they have the money, because they like to stay together as a big family even the son gets married. And marriage among the family members is very common and Egypt, that’s why a lot of time you see abnormal child in the family.

Egypt Trip (Episode 7)

Day 7 Abu Simbel (11 Nov 2010)
Abu Simbel Temples
We have to wake up at 2am to depart to Abu Simbel in the middle of the night, it is said that we need to follow the time where the police convey start their journey, because there will be police at the front and back of the long convoy to control the traffic and to provide help if accident happens in the long stretch of desert road without any phone coverage.

Anyway, it is worth the traveling, Abu Simbel turns out of to be the most interesting and impressive temple we have visited in Egypt. It consists of two temples built by Ramses II as a lasting monument for him and his wife Nerfatari. The temples were relocated from under water to its current location. Relocated? Yes, bits by bits, pieces by pieces in the 1960s.

No photos allowed in the temples, but is is one of the most complete and well preserved temple with all the statues and drawing on the wall, as though they were just painted few years ago.

The sunlight will go through all the way to the Holy of the Holies, where they have 4 statues, 3 gods and Ramses. There are only 2 days in a year where the sun rise shine on the face of Ramses first instead of the 3 gods, that is during his birthday and his coronation day. It lasted 28 minutes on 28 February and 28 October respectively and millions of tourists will crowd the temple to witness it.

High Dam
Visit the High Dam, one of the three largest dams in the world. From the top, we can gaze across Nasser Lake the huge reservoir created when the High Dam was built. Nothing fantastic..

Aswan Market
We have a few hours before dinner, so we decided to explore the neighborhood, and thank God we found the bazaar by following some ang moh along the way, hehe. Lots of stuff we bought, scarf, hibiscus flower, magnets, water for reasonable price.
The bazaar is very long and if you miss one particular shop, chances are you can’t find it again because most of them are selling the same stuff at various prices. The sales people are all very aggressive, once you show interest they won’t let you go. They also use trick like “Hey, you promise to come back..” At first we really ponder, and after a few times we knows ..Apalah

Belly Dance Show
Isis is right when she said belly dance on the cruise is of low quality, not professional. Jon couldn’t wait until 10pm and went to sleep early, so I went to the lounge alone and watched. They have 3 performances:
1) Belly dance: Everybody knows belly dance, shake head, shake bust, shake butt, shake shake shake, but the performer is lousy lo..
2) Tahtib (Stick dance): A men demonstrating the martial art using a wooden stick, hit here hit there, a bit like kung fu style.
3) Tanoura (Whirling Dervish): A men wearing long, large skirts who turn and turn nonstop for 10-15 minutes, tak pening kah?

Egypt Trip (Episode 6)

Day 6 Edfu & Kom Ombo (10 Nov 2010)
Temple of Edfu
We took a ride on horse drawn carriage from the dock to Temple of Edfu. Though the cost is included in the tour, but tour guide said it is a custom to pay them LE5 as tips wo..

This temple is the second largest temple after Temple of Karnak, it is dedicated to the falcon God, Horus. The walls on this temple contain inscriptions that give details of religion and language during the Greco-Roman Period in Ancient Egypt, as well as showing battle scenes in perfect clarity.

It is said that every year the Goddess Hathor travelled from her temple to visit the God Horus at Edfu Temple. As husband and wife, they only get to see each other for 13 days in a year.

It also depicts the love story between Isis and Orisis where the brother of Orisis tricks him into a coffin and throws him into the river Nile. Then Isis susah payah search for his body parts and raise him from the dead and make herself conceived. Of course the story ends with her son grows up to take revenge from the wicked uncle.
Some of the kartush on the wall is left empty, because the kings keep changing over the 180 years to build the temple, they don’t know whose name to carve. Kartush is a name tag for the Egytian King, they all look ideal and perfect in the drawing, the only way to differentiate them is to refer to their kartush.

There is a small passage to access the Nile river in the temple, they calls it the Nilometer. The king will determine the taxes to collect from the people based on the water level.

Isis brings us to a shop she claims to have a lot of variety with reasonable price to force us buy the Galabia (traditional costume) for the theme party the next day. All of us bodoh-bodoh go in and choose without realizing all the other shops are selling at the same price, with more variety!

Temple of Kom-Ombo
We walk to the Temple of Kom-Ombo, which was dedicated to the falcon and crocodile god. It is said that a yong boy was eaten by crocodile, so the people decided to build a temple for the crocodile god, but they think it is not good to build a temple for crocodile god, so they balance up with another falcon god. That is how it become a double temple (normally temples are only dedicated to one single god).

Some famous drawings on the wall include the ancient calendar, where they have 24 hours a day, 30 days a month and 3 seasons a year. Another drawing shows a women sitting on a birthing chair, with various medical instruments depicted. So canggih!! We have not even thought of birthing chair with all the modern technologies.

Tour guide teaches us how to differentiate the drawing between ancient Egyptian time and Greco Roman time: 1) the Greco Roman pays attention on the details, even crease at the knee and tummy can be seen 2) Kartush are written in alphabet, not symbol .

Too bad the Crocodile Museum are not ready, if not we can see mummified crocodiles. Crocodiles also they mummified? Yes.. indeed later on we found that they mummified everything, animals, fruits, seeds, all the things they need in the afterlife.
So called Galabia Theme Party on the cruise..

Egypt Trip (Episode 5)

Day 5 Luxor (9 Nov 2010)
Valley of the Kings
Valley of the Kings is a valley where 64 of Egypt’s Pharaohs had their palatial resting places hewed into the sheer rock. They realized that the pyramids are too high profile and they shifted to the south and found this quiet spot to build their tombs.

Tombs are more important than palaces because the ancient Egyptian believe that afterlife is more important. The moment the King started to rule, he will start to build his tomb, the longer he lives, the larger is his tomb. Even up to today we still see workers trying to dig and discover new tombs in the valley.

The valley become famous with the discovery of the tomb of Tutakhamun, yong and not much achievement king, but his tomb is found complete, not robbed! We didn’t go into this one, because Isis said everything in the tomb has been moved to Egytian Museum, except the mummy. If we want to pay to see one mummy, we might as well pay to see all 22 mummies in the museum.

The entrance tickets allow us to go into any 3 of the tombs except Tutakhamun, and one of the Ramses tomb, Isis brings us to the entrance of the first tomb she recommended and give us the direction of the other two “You go straight and turn left, and you go all the way to the end” We thought it is straight forward but..

The first tomb is a small tomb well preserved (I think it is the tomb of Ramses IX, I think la..), most of the walls are covered with glasses but there is a section at the beginning where we can touch it with our own hand, drawing of thousands year old, it just so amazing to see the carving and the colours. Don’t remember any other details as no photos are allowed.

Then we go straight and turn left and we see the tomb of Thutmosis IV, it has corridor from one hall to another hall, tak habis habis.. We see his sarcophagus with nice carving inside out, we notice the egyptian are discriminating us. When they see ang moh they flash their torches to show them what is inside but when they see us, they buat tak tahu.
Ok, done with number two, as we head to the third tomb, we walked all the way to the end but we couldn’t find any tomb with a long staircase.. Luckily we bump into some of the tour members, and they told us they’ve just been to the one with long staircase.
Wow, the long staircase is really a LONG staircase, after a 5-10 minutes climb, we finally see the tomb of Thutmosis III. Too bad we didn’t bring any cameras down to the valley. You think we don’t want to? We are not allowed to! Isis told us we have to leave our camera at the counter if the security found out. Now we don’t remember much about all the things we have seen..

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Tour guide tell us if you can’t remember the name Hatshepsut, try to remember Hot Chicken Soup, sounds almost the same wo.. Hatshepsut is the first woman to rule Egypt and she rules as a man (we can see in all the monuments that she wears a male hair dress, male clothing, just the the Pharoah)

Hatshepsut is the daughter of a Pharoah and when the father dies, her half brother ascended to the throne. To become Pharaoh, her half brother marries Hapshepsut to keep to royal bloodline intact. But the half brother dies not long after the marriage and leaves her with a daughter and a son by another wife.

Due to the young age of the Pharaoh (her step son, Thutmosis I), Hatshepsut became his regent. They ruled together for a number of years until she proclaimed herself Pharaoh, she sends her step son to military school for training since young.

But after this step son grown up, the high priest persuaded him that he is living under the shadow of Hatshepsut and he vented his rage by sending his workmen around the land to smash her statues, demolish her monuments and erase her name.

Hatshepsut had obelisk constructed inside the temple, she claims that it took her 7 months to complete the obelisk when other kings normally take 3 years to complete.

Alabaster Factory
The workers there welcome us with very entertaining song to tell us how to differentiate real and fake alabaster, the real alabaster only has 3 colours: white, brown and green, and they will not break easily. Again all the factory visit provides us karkade drink and toilet facilities, nobody buy anything from them.
Colossi of Memnon
The Colossi of Memnon are two massive stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III in the middle of nowhere. Both statues are quite damaged, with the features above the waist virtually unrecognizable, yes they are huge, yes they are made of one stone, but they are not impressive. Until later we read from a book in the library that these statues were supposed to just the statues of the outer gate of a temple which is destroyed by earthquake. Imagine how it is like before the earthquake..

Esna Lock
We return to the Nile Cruise and continue sailing after dinner, Isis told us to go to the sun deck as we may see some small boats selling clothes beside the cruise. We thought it is like the floating market in Bangkok and hell no!!! We got shock of our life when we see the man on a small boat approaching our huge cruise and throw the clothing up with 100% precision, all the way to the sun deck!!

People were screaming in excitement to see that. The sellers speak very good English and Italian, if you like the clothes that they throw up, you bargain the price and you throw the money back to the rowing boat in the plastic bag they keep the cloth. We saw a table clothe that is quite nice, and they ask for 180 LE, we wanted to bargain for 50? Hmmm.. maybe we said 30 LE? They show us bad language-_-!!!

We have no idea what is Esna Lock initially, after spending half an hour at the sun deck to “witness” the whole process, we finally realize that a lock is a device for raising boats between stretches of water of different levels on the river. Our ship goes into a fixed chamber that works like a lift, then they pump in the water to rise up the water level and the ship moves to the other side of the river.

Egypt Trip (Episode 4)

Day 4 Luxor (8 Nov 2010)
Wake up at 1am in the morning to take a domestic flight to Luxor. Sigh, what a wonderful hotel and we only get to sleep for … 2 hours? Instead of international buffet breakfast, we have to go to the airport in the middle of the night with our breakfast box, like so cham:(

Temple of Karnak
Luxor was called Thebes in the ancient Egyptian time, it has 2 huge temples in the city: Temple of Karnak and Temple of Luxor. These 2 temples are to be connected by 2 rows of Sphinx Avenue which is 2km long. They just made the discovery few months ago and we can still see the excavation work in progress.

The temple of Karnak is the largest religious complex in the human history, the complex contains a group of temples built by different kings across few centuries. Isis told us that we can not tell which king from the look of their faces because all their faces had been idealized and we can only differentiate them through their cartoush. We saw a huge statue of Ramses II at the temple, and Isis said he is a king that likes to erase other king’s work and put his name on it. Ngam dou dak?

Temple of Luxor
This is a very interesting temple, because you will see a modern mosque in the middle of the temple. Why? Because the temple of Luxor was not discovered until the people there were doing restoration work at the mosque.

They used to have 2 obelisks at the entrance of the temple, and the king of France saw it and ask the king of Egypt to give it to him as a present. The king of Egypt didn’t want to give both away and decided to give only one, and the king of France in return give Egypt a clock that is not working.

Nile Cruise
We embark on board to the very much looking forward Nile cruise. Well, everything seems alright until we decided to tour the other cruise and found out that we are the most cheh kai cruise around, reception, shops, swimming pool and even the canopy also of lower standard than the rest..
But the good thing is we have Jacuzzi bath tub in the room and the staff will fold the towel in animal/flower shape everyday on the bed. And the buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner is good. Over makan almost every meal, sometimes we wake up go jalan, come back eat, sleep, wake up, go jalan, come back eat, repeat 2-3 times but it is still within the same day, we felt like we were in Egypt for a month liao.

Egypt Trip (Episode 3)

Day 3 Cairo (7 Nov 2010)
We woke up 6am in the morning and go for a swim at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. There is nothing to shout about the Alexandria, but the sea itself sets the perfect place for holiday.

Qaitbay’s Fort
Qaitbay’s Fort looks like one of the Disneyland castle, this is the place where one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Pharos lighthouse once stood. The lighthouse was ruined by earthquakes and Qaitbay used its debris in the construction of his fort.

This is just a photo shoot stop, we didn’t go into the fort, but we bought some souvenirs from the stalls nearby (and it turn out to be the cheapest and nicest souvenir of all time!!). We saw a bunch of people fishing at the sea side and their fishing rod is looooooooooong..

Pompey’s Pillar
Pompey’s Pillar has nothing to do with Pompey, it was initially a temple and the granite pillar is actually dedicated to Roman Emperor Diocletain. There was a famine after Diocletian besieged the city, the Emperor ordered some medicine to be given to the people of Alexandria. He exempted them from paying taxes during these hard times. For that they erected, in his honour, this memorial column.

Pompey is some Roman general that some believed, mistakenly, that his ashes, or the remains were in a pot at the top of the column. Thus today it is called “Pompey’s Pillar”.

Alexandria Library
Another photo shoot stop, land mark wo..

Catacomb was discovered when the people were trying to save a monkey that fell down into a hole. Again no photos were allowed. It is a family tomb lie 35 meter underground. In the centre of the 99 steps spiral stairways is the shaft through which the deceased were lowered by means of rope.
It has 3 different sections: 1 for the tomb of the family, 1 for dining room where the relatives feast (lots of broken table ware and wine jugs were found) and 1 for the burial chamber. It is believed that it started as a family crypt and later expanded to become big enough to accommodate 300 tombs altogether.

To Cairo
Tour guide told us the journey to Cairo is 2 hours, but the jam inside Cairo could be 2 hours as well, yes the traffic started in the long stretch of desert road and we see many new developments along the road. Some city are called 6th of October, because it is the last war with Israel, some street are called 26th of July, because that is their revolution day where they started to be a republic country.

Egypt Trip (Episode 2)

Day 2 Alexandria (7 Nov 2010)
Reach Alexandria, the tiny airport has only one luggage belt, and the immigration officer can even smoke at the counter! The first impression of Egypt was really so so.. We changed USD 150 into LE 855.75 (1 USD = 5.7 LE).

Our local tour guide, Isis is a very cheerful lady with all colour coordinated outfit everyday. She teaches us a Egyptian word “habibi” which means darling in English, and that’s how she call us during the whole trip. I can still remember her voice saying “Yalah, habibi, yalah” (Let’s go darling, let’s go)

Montazah Garden
Nothing much to see in Alexandria, went Montazah Garden, situated along the shore, which means access to the lovely beaches and warm Mediterranean Sea water nearby. Nice place to relax on weekend for the local, but for us that come all the way from Kuala Lumpur? I’m a bit disappointed with the arrangement.

Montazah Palace
The Palace was built by King Farouk, that’s why you can see the “F” letter words at all corners of the palace and the daughter and wife also named after some “F” letter words. Funny, the way I say it it’s like THE “f” letter word but trust me it is not, they are just Farouk family..

Quite a boring day until we reach the wonderful powderful hotel at the beach and until they serve us the Kardake (hibiscus drink). Karkade is my favourite local drink in Egypt and I wonder why we have plenty of hibiscus in Malaysia but no one knew that we could make it into drink?

Egypt Trip (Episode 1)

Day 1 Bahrain (6 Nov 2010)
Fly to Bahrain and Gulf Air is a relatively low cost airline, where you can choose the movie you like to watch but you cannot decide when you want to watch because like it or not they screen it all at the same time. And the air stewardess is not polite, no smiling face and serve you food as though you owe them money.

Arrived in Bahrain airport and lost our way, we could not find any of our tour members around, neither transit hall nor arrival hall. Called tour leader but she didn’t on her hand phone (the main point is later on we found out that this is the first time she comes to Egypt and she only joined the company only for 3 months, the rest of the stories I don’t want to tell, don’t want to remember her in the history)

When we first come out from the airport, we saw some cars covered with snow (winter ma..) and the driver corrected us “ it is sand, not snow” Malu betul… Lol

Tuesday, 12 October 2010





虽然马来西亚的离婚率不想西方国家的那么高:美国(51%),澳洲(49%), 加拿大(49%),德国(44%)。天啊,你可以想像在美国离婚率竟然是51%,根本就是在赌大小,机率一半,我看报道意大利甚至有离婚展览,为大家提供离婚手续或相关的服务。是社会发达的错,还是道德不值钱,还是婚姻失去原有的意义?




Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No, I DO NOT have split personality!

It has occurred more than one time in my life that somebody commented that I have a split personality. As I was having lunch with Zephyr this afternoon, we were talking about a friend whose life is like a fairy tales.

Zephyr said “Oh come on, your relationship with Jon is not too bad either, right?” I said “Yeah, except the part that he thinks I am literally crazy. He is suffering with my split personality”. Zephyr got very excite with the term “Split Personality”. She nodded her head very hard and said “Me too, I also think you have split personality!!!!”

Okay, that makes me worry a little. Do I really have split personality? I remember in university days, there was a friend Jilian who studies psychology, she said “I want to use you as a subject when I do my master thesis.” “Really?” I feel proud for a moment until she said “Yup, I want to study you as you have SPLIT PERSONALITY”#*!%$!.

It was a long time ago and I almost forgotten about it. Jilian was my hang out kaki during university days, we always sneak out from hostel to “Ladies Night” together. When she saw my serious face studying in the library, she could barely recognize me, especially when she found out that I was on the Dean’s List for 6 consecutive semesters. Well, a clubber that study well does not qualifies me for split personality right?

Then come this Zephyr, we always b*tch together in office, she is my best-e-st buddy for heart to heart talk, office gossips, politic issues, health concern etc she is basically my Ms Thelma for everything. Though she knows 80% about my everything, I only know about 20% of her mysterious life (is it called the 80-20 theory?)

And out of no where she comes out with this conclusion that I have split personality, I asked her to elaborate. She said “It’s through my observation” I asked her to quote some example, she said “It’s beyond description”. Although she is a hard core supporter that “Annie has split personality”, I think we can discard her opinion in the case, lol.

For Tzeh, I know why he is suffering because sometimes I will ask him question like “Tzeh, half of myself said I want to go shopping, but the other half said I want to sleep, what should I do?”, “Tzeh, Annie A says you are a good husband and I should treat you nice and Annie B said you are not sensitive at all and I should hate you forever!”

I could be so loving that I kiss him non stop like a play toy and the next moment I am totally disgusted when he even touch my finger tips. I could be so “low battery” that I can barely walk one more centimeter and the moment I see a shoe shop I could literally fly to the shop no one can stop me. Sometimes Tzeh will ask me “So you are now Annie A or Annie B?”

Well, to a certain extend I do think I may have split personality. To further confirm the fact, I asked my best friend Google. Google said “ No, you do not have split personality because..”
1. A person with a split personality, undergoes change in the personality in just a few seconds. He then acts as a completely different person. He starts to imitate behaviourial traits, characteristics, name etc of the person he thinks he is. At times the person undergoes a change where they have alters of sexual orientation, genders, nationalities and ages.

(Yes, I may have changed into another personality in just a few seconds, but I am still myself, same sex, same nationalities, same age, maybe just different passion, different preference and different state of mind. I am not suffering from Split Personality!)

2. The patient looses his memory. He doesn’t remember things happened in his life over a long period of time or between a certain period of time. It so happens that once the patient comes out from the false personality into his normal self, he doesn’t remember what had happened to him.

(No, I did not lose my memory. I remember everything I said whether I am Annie A or Annie B or C or D. When I change from Annie A to B to C and back to A, I remember it was me, just a different part of me. I am not suffering from Split Personality!)

Split personality is a very dangerous disorder, but we just cannot leave the effected person alone. Accusing someone without a split personality to have a split personality is a very dangerous crime, please do not accuse me anymore. Maybe split personality is not the right term, please research further until you tag me with it.

P/S: Feel so relived after writing this self defense blog, yet Zephyr said “I still think u got split personalities need defend”




在我一个一个短信看下去,感觉好像在walk down memory lane,有些大事小事,经过时间的冲洗,竟然几乎在回忆里失去。看到去年在新加坡的时候,泽突然间在我的婚事部落格大写文章,搞得我啼笑皆非,看到有时候我无理取闹,泽无奈发给我的申诉,看到泽临时决定做手术,我因为荷兰的航班取消无法赶回来的心慌。


想到这里,我突然想起很多年前在电视看过的American Idol选拔赛,Simon明明对参赛者做出很多批评,可是这位参赛者非常有选择性的只听进Simon的开场白“其实你有一点潜质”,接下来的“可是这个。。。那个。。。所以你不能进选”等等的批评他一句都没有听进去。






虽然也有个别的同事是我很期待可以一起吃饭的。可是身为正常人,他们都有各自的makan kaki,只有爽爽或者什么节日才会一起吃饭。



可是,今天在food court看到这里有同事,那里有同事,又不是说不认识,又不是说没有吃过饭,为什么自己变成一个如此不受欢迎的角色呢?不知道在别人眼里是怎么看我?孤僻鬼?自闭症?神秘感?神经病!


可是,为了想晋升为一个正常的“正常人”,我是否要考虑和别人吃饭?怎样?无端端跑去问别人的圈子“请问我可以和你们一起吃饭吗?”好久以前曾经和部门秘书的一群kaki一起吃饭,别人十八岁,pok pok chui的话题我真的一句话都搭不进去啊。。




Saturday, 2 October 2010




回想起刚开始那几个月,我们很久都没有睡过一顿好觉,要不就是半夜起来抢被子,要不就是被推到床边快掉下来,有时候甚至生气到开灯拿电话把对方烂睡的样子拍下来,明早睡醒再来投诉。同时我也体会到不同家庭的Culture Shock,哈?为什么你的爸爸妈妈可以为孩子打理所有大小事务?哈?为什么所有活动都必须全家大小一定参与?哈?为什么有事没事都要打电话给外婆报告?

现在想起来,我们结婚第一年真的可以分成几个阶段来Bench Mark,第一部分就是“惊吓期”,接下来第二部分就是“接受期”。相处几个月以后,我们逐渐找到适应对方的生活方式。泽不用专门迁就我提早睡觉(我是个极度喜欢睡觉的动物),我也可以在他踢球的周末打扫房间,做作运动。家庭成员的参与,家庭活动的安排,我也开始接受这种我以为电视剧里才有的亲密关系(我是个极度享受自闭的人类)。


到了现在,我们是夫妻的事实已经渐渐sink in在我们的脑海,我们的生活,我们的identity。虽然我们每天还是像欢喜冤家一样喜欢弄对方生气,又喜欢得到对方的欢心,有时候假装第一次约会,有时候假装老板和秘书(其实我们的家就是我们一起创立的企业,有时候还有股东大会,业绩汇报,婚姻就像一盆生意,也要花功夫去投资,花心机去经营,更要花时间去看待)。


Monday, 27 September 2010

R&D Wedding (3)

今天的心情非常沉重,两年前我听到好友的结婚消息,兴奋得开始我人生第一个部落格,还清楚记得当天晚上我们在家乡那一间mamak档,吃maggi goreng,喝milo ais。。。


“不是?!那就是side effect,是你最近失眠看医生吃的药影响你的情绪?”不是,这个事情不是突然间发现的事实,是两年来累积验证的结果。我发觉我已经不爱这个男人了。我甚至可以坚决的告诉他“我不爱你了,我要离开你了。”


我开始感觉到头很晕,心很慌。爱情,真的只是一种感觉?爱情过去的时候,婚姻也要一起消失吗? 虽然说婚姻是一个承诺,可是为了遵守一个承诺,要逼自己面对一个不爱的人一辈子吗?我还真的愣了一下。




Friday, 2 July 2010

任何人可以做任何工作的公司 (3)


搞笑的事,那天我在办公室看到一个熟悉的面孔,以前同一办公室的,我就很随意的说了一句“好久没有见到你啊”,他也礼貌性得点头。后来我在电梯里和邱婉明聊天,说我最近很忙,整天在培训什么的,这个人又眇了我一眼,我一看他的工卡,竟然是WZ!!! 天啊,我的未来副主管!! 白痴!!幸好没有在电梯多多投诉,否则我的下半生就完了,完了。。其实我之前对这个人也不认识,我也不知道那天有主动和他寒暄,难道这就是天意?!





另外两个同事给我的印象的非常好, WZ副主管是个说话非常客户的人,也不是假惺惺的那种客气,就是不会向其他人大声讲话的那种。而且那是个非常踏实的人,不会贪图名牌,不会喝酒(待核实),别人都取笑他戴的眼镜太便宜(像是毕业生戴的,才两百多块钱),相比BB全身名牌,连太阳眼镜都是万宝龙4千块钱人民币啊。。什么是万宝龙?Mont Blanc啦


任何人可以做任何工作的公司 (2)




第二天又培训了3个小时,这个女孩子思路很清晰,做事很细心。从头到位解释完了以后,我发现一个天大的坏消息,原来这个工作需要在每季度末的最后一天留下来加班到24:00,等到所有系统关闭以后要把冲刺结果短信邮件发给各个领导。天啊,我第一个想到的是new year eve所有人在count down的时候我应然要在办公室倒数sales target。 第二个想到的是我的部门有关的人都不和我在同一个办公室,难道要我一个人留到24:00,太恐怖了!不爽,很不爽,不知道怎样办!


反正在地区部管理部门的工作就是这样,说起来也不是我们的活,可是就只有我们可以掌握齐全信息,所以所有部门都会找我们要数据,所以只有我们可以给领导报进展,target达到又不是我们可以分花红,target达不到我们也不用挨批。虽然说我要stay back 看监控和确保所有sales及时可以输入系统,可是最紧张的人肯定不是我。所以目前为止我对这份工作的态度还是保持positive的。



任何人可以做任何工作的公司 (1)

关于我的工作岗位调动,从开始到现在拖拖拉拉整整4个月时间,中间有过过百个不同的说法,一是说部门不变,工作要变,一时说部门要变,工作不变,一时说。。反正变来变去我也忘了到底有多少个说法。可是就在2010年6月23日,就在我刚搞完最后一次的新加坡展会到马来上班的第三天,接到BB先生的电话 “怎么样?你现在可以开始我们这里的工作了吗?我给你安排xxx,xxx和xxx工作,好吗?我暂时就想在这些,以后的再说。如果美人休假你就帮忙顶一下她的工作,要是以后她真的走了,你才接手。你说呢?

唉,到了今时今日这样的地步,我还可以说什么呢?第一,自己已经下定决心留在这里,好好呆下去,第二,至少不是之前那个烦死人不要命的活,我还能怨什么吗?我还客气的回答“一切听从领导安排”。至少到目前为止,我对Mr. BB先生的印象还是非常positive的。好几次安排我的工作他都会先打电话和我沟通。完了才正式发邮件告诉大家,抄送我以前领导的领导(记得么?就是他帮我挡了一劫,否则我早就被骗去做那个烦死人的工作了)







Wednesday, 9 June 2010

masak-masak (4)

第一次感受到当“师奶”的乐趣,上周泽的妈妈留了很多煮食材料给我们,weekday没有人愿意下厨,所以我在周末的时候做了2菜1汤的晚餐给泽和泽姐姐吃。哇,原来可以为全家人准备晚餐的那种成就感和幸福真的是mou dak ding(无得顶)!


哦,还有还有,切好小块,还要去皮,so that鸡汤不会太油。不好意思,搞了一整天忘记告诉你其实我是要炖鸡汤啦。。皮要怎么去掉呢?忘了上网google一下,随便啦,就在哪里切一刀然后把皮连根拔起。太恐怖了,太恐怖了,原来餐桌上美味无穷的鸡汤背后有着那么凄惨动听的故事。让我对鸡突然间有点反感。

好了好了,终于都完成第一步骤,当时是下午2点半,泽问你煮晚餐需要现在就开始准备吗?唉,我也不想啊,准备好了,晚上就很直接很简单了呀。。搞完鸡就把买回来的包装参须鸡汤材料加冷水煮滚,然后才倒进slow cooker慢慢炖。其实也不用那么麻烦,只是internet写如果要鸡汤好喝,这些就是小小的窍门。下一次我不用窍门,看看有没有分别。




充满理性的泽在这个时候又要发挥那个专业技能“这个鸡汤材料多少钱?这只鸡是别人送的,如果自己买要多少钱?这个鳕鱼多少钱?妈妈买的?大概多少钱?这个牛肉多少钱?”算着算着总共40块钱,3个人吃,加上长时间准备,长时间洗碗,嗯,不划算。 超级扫兴!

最近泽姐姐没有上班,我把找到的食谱翻译好Email给她,她在家里提早准备腌制,我们现在experiment过苹果瘦肉汤,台湾盐酥鸡和大蒜炒菜,今晚还要继续挑战marmite猪肉面。爽啊,看来我真的爱上了做饭这个游戏。 当初还是sherleen告诉我当人妻以后要好好照顾家人,不要每次都吃外边,不健康,谢谢你启发了我!

masak-masak (3)

昨天第一次在厨房发生意外事故,是的,我的手被烫伤了。昨天心血来潮想要煮什么东东给泽吃,上网看了半天,好!晚上就煮柠檬鸡翼,泽喜欢吃的东东都是deep fry或者什么高难度的台湾面,想要做饭给他吃还真不容易。看看大部分食谱虽然都还简单,但都是要提前腌制2-3小时,我又不想等到明天才煮。完了,最近真的沉迷在masak-masak这个游戏。


我又趁午餐时间跑去Isetan 超市,像傻婆一样,看到每一样菜都异常兴奋,看到每个牛肉都有清楚标注那个部位,什么煮法,根本就是为我而做的嘛。。上周去SS2 菜市场都没有看到有人卖牛肉和羊肉,害我专门又跑去Giant,乱七八糟买了好多东西花了好多钱。在Isetan看到连猪肉也有卖,真的是太爽了,以后可以每天下来买菜,回家煮饭,幸福!

我打算给自己煮饭,泽的姐姐在Pasar Malam随手给我买了西兰花(3颗蔬菜任选才五块),然后再给泽煮一个柠檬鸡翅,应该就Perfect了吧。谁知道Rothman Roundabout这个烂交通圈,让我堵了extra15-20分钟,回到家已经快七点半了。 急急忙忙准备好蒸饭,焖西兰花,用牛油炒草菇装饰,然后开始做我的重头戏-柠檬鸡翅。


涂完以后,还要硬着头皮,把鸡翅煎完,煎到一半才发觉刚才放的油是8个鸡翼准备的,娘的,我才买了4个鸡翼啊,还好其他的材料都还没有下锅,否则真的不能吃了。好不容易把多于的油重新盛起来,跟进recipe book写的几分钟后下蚝油,转小火,盖锅焖几分钟。

Recipe book写的是焖到收汁就差不多,可是我看怎么越来越多水似的(今天妈妈才告诉我鸡翅是出水的,好奇怪),我也不知道该怎么办了,不可能把汁全捞调吧,再等两分钟?还是一样,不管了,按照最后步骤加入柠檬汁。搞定!把鸡翅用筷子夹起来,热乎乎的送到泽的面前。



masak-masak (2)

接下来要挑战的是Black Pepper Lamb,泽的最爱,反正什么黑椒羊扒,牛扒,鸡扒,猪扒,只要是黑椒的他都超喜欢,尤其是Kenny Roger Roaster 的黑椒汁,每次都会念念不忘。为了满足他的味蕾,我决定到处寻找黑椒秘方,上网找了数千篇文章、部落格,终于找到一些材料比较简单的recipe,其实看来看去都是那一样基本材料,只是不知道什么比例,什么腌制法好吃而已。

周六我们去Pasar Pagi买菜,拿着我小小的笔记本,像寻宝一样,慢慢挑,还要慢慢核对,深怕买漏了什么东西。谁知道SS2这个菜市竟然没有人卖羊肉或者牛肉!我们又不想煮鸡肉或者猪肉,结果逼着又跑到Giant专门去找羊肉。每次到Giant都会很自然买很多零食和其他平时不认为需要买的东西,结果又花了100多块钱,好浪费哦。

我们第一次尝试(是的,我们几乎整个礼拜都在吃黑椒羊排,原因其一是羊排不能放太久,其二就是我们很不爽没有做到好吃的黑椒汁),是跟着某某blogger的秘方,用Worcestershire Sauce(我不知道中文怎么说,香港人叫喼汁,中国人叫辣酱油,是一种调味料,味道酸甜微辣,色泽黑褐,是黑椒汁少不了的调配料,加上瓶装黑椒汁,糖,粗黑椒粉加水。





他取笑我说通常到餐馆点羊扒,别人会问“先生,请问您要点well done还是medium?”以后如果你要开餐馆的话看来得问““先生,请问您要点cooked还是not cooked?”唉,笨蛋!笨蛋!笨蛋!简直是无脸见人了!!!

虽然如此,我还总算学会了做mashed potato, 每次快做好的时候就让泽把马薯泥压扁,加奶油、鲜奶和黑椒,结果他每次都装模作样的说“哟!我也会煮喔”“好好吃喔”晕~

masak-masak (1)

结婚那么久,都没有真正下厨。印象中好像做过一次chicken cordon bleu,而且是佣人实在看不过眼,在旁面帮忙的那种。反正每天回到家里都已经身体力尽,最想在最短时间搞定晚餐,回家休息,往往都是随便打包回家吃。泽因为工作忙碌也没有经常陪我吃饭。


第一天买了一个西兰花,想说是最容易的了,只要在水里烫熟就可以吃,不可能会失败吧。非常抱歉,我好像这一辈子都没有做过饭,只怪以前在家煮妈妈太好,每顿饭都不用我们帮手。大学的时候还会煮三几道菜给自己吃,而且都是妈妈买好材料,一个一个步骤告诉我怎么做怎么做,我只要机械人般的follow instruction就可以,所以现在完全没有印象。


好了好了,我趁午饭时间去Cold Storage买菜,看到澳洲的西兰花,小小一颗五块钱,感觉上价格应该还可以。怎么知道回到办公室刘依玲笑我说怎么那么贵买一颗西兰花?Giant 或Jusco才卖三块钱左右,更不要提pasar pagi了。唉,第一次做饭就被骗,真白痴!我自己安慰自己,有时候convenient 是要付出代价的。。

回到家里兴致勃勃,第一次做饭,正好泽的弟弟煮Spaghetti,剩下一些Mushroom Sauce,我就刚好可以煮意大利面条来配菜。说实在的,我心里还是战战兢兢,很怕煮出来不能吃很丢脸啊(家里没有人就无所谓,家里还有泽的姐姐弟弟两名观众喔)。还好泽的姐姐在旁指点一下,告诉我青菜在水里冒出青色的汁应该就已经煮熟,否则我还傻傻跟着recipe book 计算时间 (是的,我有一本recipe book,都是我手抄的哦)。

嗯,第一次下厨,感觉还是挺好的,自己煮出来的东西,怎么难吃都是幸福的。虽然西兰花是贵了一点,还是绝对值得(以后又煮了几次,感觉就是没有在Cold Storage买的好吃)。后来第二天,好像又煮了葱油豆腐,不好吃,然后又煮了其他什么东西我也忘了,都是一些材料很简单,步骤很简单的菜,虽然不好吃,可是那种成就感啊。。爽!

后来开始想要学煮饭, literally煮饭,因为之前都是学做菜,一个人煮饭好像很麻烦,而且我也不会煮,internet只有叫人家用电饭锅煮饭,或者蒸饭,我一个人真么不知道怎么煮。鼓起勇气跑去问刘依玲,又被嘲笑一番,说我真的很白痴,娇生惯养什么都不懂,反而我觉得她平时左看右看都不像是会做饭的人,突然间正正经经叫我做饭,让我非常崇拜,呵呵。


Thursday, 27 May 2010



第一、 那个部门的主管是个蛮人,在公司横行霸道,极度粗鲁,认不认识他的人都会评知觉感觉到他是个盘符财权,好色好财的小人,最好的比喻就是皇帝旁边的太监!
第二、 那个部门的同事是个美人,在公司知名度很高,抚媚迷人,不认识她的人都会认为她是个工作认真,努力学习的好人,其实真正身份只有我最清楚,最好的比喻就是在太后面前百般奉承,在后宫狠毒欺压其他妃子――皇帝身边的妃子!
第三、 那个部门的工作是个烂摊子,就是公司太多吃饱没事干的人千方万计想出来的办法使别人干活,然后就摇摇脚等成绩送来面前在皇帝面前邀功,说什么我们的工作就是辅助某某臣子完成他的使命,协助他们过关斩将,巩固他们的地位 ――皇帝看不到腐败制度的受害者, 就是我!





第一、 工作性质太偏,没有面向多元化的工作

第二、 工作文化太独特,没有现实社会的经验

第三、 工作内容偏向管理,没有实际作战经验




Monday, 5 April 2010

This must be a joke

This must be a joke, my company is now undergoing major restructuring with the demolishment of the AP Regional Office, now everyone is supposed to go somewhere in some department in the Sub Regional Office, namely in Indonesia/Malaysia, Thailand, Japan or India.

We being local staff are quite straight forward, go to the corresponding department in Sub Regional Office in Malaysia, basically you still do exactly the same job, deal with less rep. offices, and maybe report to another boss. But my problem is that I don’t have corresponding department in any Sub Regional office.

We were told not to do any job hunt or department transfer, because the company will arrange accordingly for everybody, to make everybody happy. Well, I did not worry much about it because the initial plan was to set up my department in the respective Sub Regional Office, so in a way I am safe. Same job, less work, more free time, good what.

Until one fine day, my department colleague told me that they were called back to HQ in Shenzhen and wait for further instruction. My boss had long ago got himself a job in one of the Sub Regional office and don’t care about us. Some secret source told me that my boss’s boss will be transferred to other Sub Regional office and out of a sudden I am out of job!!!

I quickly called all the people I know to help me find a job in Malaysia office, (nobody has the complete organization chart of the company, and hence we need to ask one by one to figure out ourselves). Searched JobStreet to look for any opening, too bad none of the job I meet any of the requirement. Asked different department everyday if they had any vacancies available, but all of them sound 10 times more terrible than my current job.

Yet another one fine day, I was told by Mr. BB from Business Operation Team, that I will be joining his department by end of the month, to take over certain jobs in his department (which has nothing to do with my current job at all). I was shocked and I replied that I was not told by my boss what is my job arrangement. Guess what one of his follower said “Mr. BB is now your boss la.”

I kept quite for I do not know what is the conspiracy behind; it is strange for me to be transferred without any notice by my own boss. I ran back to office, went straight to my boss office and found that he was not around (as usual). Talked to my buddies about the situation but they also feel helpless for me. What the heck, given a choice you memang want to stay in the company, do whatever it takes, at least you still got a job.

My boss called me after lunch “ please come and see me”, I was happy thinking that maybe he knew what happened and he wanted to give me an explanation. As I sat down, he asked me to do some nonsense job and that’s all. Nothing else to say to me! I told him about what happened this morning and he said “I don’t know, your transfer was not approve, go ask the bigger boss, I don’t take care of that Sub Region now.” What?!?!??! You are my boss and you said this to me?!?!?!?!!??! I knew he is a bastard all this while, but each and every time he gives me new surprises.

I went back to my seat, still don’t understand how can I have a boss like this, and how did I live with it for the past 12 months or so. My mind was a total mess, I myself do not what do I want for my future. At one hand, I do not want to continue with the tedious and massive work of events marketing, at the other hand I do not want to get into a job that is solely administrative paperwork. At one hand, I want a job that is more settled down, less travelling, at the other hand I want to have a career pathway in event marketing. And the two hands keep on fighting.

I finally got the courage to walk into the bigger boss office to ask him what is going on here. He seems surprise with what happened also (which is to my very surprise). This Mr. BB acts as though it is so real, so solid and it is just a prank?!?!? I feel like I am being fooled like “gotcha call” or “candid camera”. Can somebody tell me what is going on?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Thursday, 25 March 2010


我感觉自己就像一个商品,是一个有缺陷的商品,给我听清楚,是缺陷,不是瑕疵!岂有此理!太过分了,如果我是商品,为什么厂商在生产我的时候,没有做好品质控制,竟然没有检查好,就让我出厂?! 好啦,现在丢脸啦。。而且还是生存了几十年后才发觉原来自己是个有缺陷的商品。好像死。。呜呜

瑕疵是有,而且很多,我知道,我可以接受,有些可以掩饰,有些可以修改, 反正谁都没有十全十美。可是今天面对的这个残酷事实,真的是太残酷,我不懂怎么面对,怎么接受啊。




我觉得反正我有在没在没有分别,反正他们正在聊的开心,完全忽视我的存在,怎么知道泽的立场和看法完全不一样。他觉得团友之前聊聊天很正常,我一声不响的走开,很没有礼貌,让他觉得难堪。我理直气壮的说“我站在哪里像傻瓜!” 他问我“那你为什么不加进来一起聊?” 我, 我, 我, 认真想想以后, 竟然想回答“I don’t know how!”


还记得上次的可怕经验,我有3个个别的好朋友,因为某些事情我把着3个好朋友约出来在一起吃饭,饭座上竟然这3个好朋友自己聊起来,聊的非常起劲,我也自然沦落成路人甲,一句话也差不上口。当时候我不爽了一阵子,我还以为是她们的错,自己聊high了,冷落了我。 很快,也就把这事情给忘了。





我想上网搜一下看有没有什么治疗方式,至少搞个Idiot’s Guide什么的,但是连应该敲什么字眼是搜我都不知道。如何在一群人当中发言?如何参与别人的对话? 结果什么东东都没有搜出来,难道我的这一辈子就这样完蛋了吗?那天泽还很生气的说是不是这样他一辈子都不能和其他人聊天,否则我会像是个笨蛋吗?


终于在网上找到一篇可以打救我的文章,作者指出内向的人不知道在面对群众的时候应该做些什么,this is exactly how I feel! 同时他也说社交技巧是可以慢慢去学的,一次生,两次熟,熟能生巧,希望如此啦。。

Underdeveloped social skills. Social skills can be learned like any other skill set. One reason introverts shy away from social activities is that they don’t feel comfortable because they don’t know what to do, especially if the unexpected were to occur. Being able to start up a conversation with a stranger AND feel completely comfortable doing it is a learnable skill. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Embrace the fact that you’re a beginner, and don’t compare yourself to others.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

one last trip

MNG Outlet
Address: Calle Girona n°37
Transportation: Metro Tetuan

ZARA Lefties
Address:11 Placa de la Universitat
Transportation: Metro Universitat

Burberry Outlet
Address: Calle Valencia n°625
Transportation: Metro Clot

Address:Paseo de Potosi n°2
Transportation: Metro Torres I Bages

Address:La Rocca del Valles
Transportation: Metro Fabra I Buig, Bus No 11

Passeig de Gracis
Transportation: Metro Placa Catalunya