Thursday, 16 December 2010

Egypt Trip (Episode 2)

Day 2 Alexandria (7 Nov 2010)
Reach Alexandria, the tiny airport has only one luggage belt, and the immigration officer can even smoke at the counter! The first impression of Egypt was really so so.. We changed USD 150 into LE 855.75 (1 USD = 5.7 LE).

Our local tour guide, Isis is a very cheerful lady with all colour coordinated outfit everyday. She teaches us a Egyptian word “habibi” which means darling in English, and that’s how she call us during the whole trip. I can still remember her voice saying “Yalah, habibi, yalah” (Let’s go darling, let’s go)

Montazah Garden
Nothing much to see in Alexandria, went Montazah Garden, situated along the shore, which means access to the lovely beaches and warm Mediterranean Sea water nearby. Nice place to relax on weekend for the local, but for us that come all the way from Kuala Lumpur? I’m a bit disappointed with the arrangement.

Montazah Palace
The Palace was built by King Farouk, that’s why you can see the “F” letter words at all corners of the palace and the daughter and wife also named after some “F” letter words. Funny, the way I say it it’s like THE “f” letter word but trust me it is not, they are just Farouk family..

Quite a boring day until we reach the wonderful powderful hotel at the beach and until they serve us the Kardake (hibiscus drink). Karkade is my favourite local drink in Egypt and I wonder why we have plenty of hibiscus in Malaysia but no one knew that we could make it into drink?

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