Monday, 5 April 2010

This must be a joke

This must be a joke, my company is now undergoing major restructuring with the demolishment of the AP Regional Office, now everyone is supposed to go somewhere in some department in the Sub Regional Office, namely in Indonesia/Malaysia, Thailand, Japan or India.

We being local staff are quite straight forward, go to the corresponding department in Sub Regional Office in Malaysia, basically you still do exactly the same job, deal with less rep. offices, and maybe report to another boss. But my problem is that I don’t have corresponding department in any Sub Regional office.

We were told not to do any job hunt or department transfer, because the company will arrange accordingly for everybody, to make everybody happy. Well, I did not worry much about it because the initial plan was to set up my department in the respective Sub Regional Office, so in a way I am safe. Same job, less work, more free time, good what.

Until one fine day, my department colleague told me that they were called back to HQ in Shenzhen and wait for further instruction. My boss had long ago got himself a job in one of the Sub Regional office and don’t care about us. Some secret source told me that my boss’s boss will be transferred to other Sub Regional office and out of a sudden I am out of job!!!

I quickly called all the people I know to help me find a job in Malaysia office, (nobody has the complete organization chart of the company, and hence we need to ask one by one to figure out ourselves). Searched JobStreet to look for any opening, too bad none of the job I meet any of the requirement. Asked different department everyday if they had any vacancies available, but all of them sound 10 times more terrible than my current job.

Yet another one fine day, I was told by Mr. BB from Business Operation Team, that I will be joining his department by end of the month, to take over certain jobs in his department (which has nothing to do with my current job at all). I was shocked and I replied that I was not told by my boss what is my job arrangement. Guess what one of his follower said “Mr. BB is now your boss la.”

I kept quite for I do not know what is the conspiracy behind; it is strange for me to be transferred without any notice by my own boss. I ran back to office, went straight to my boss office and found that he was not around (as usual). Talked to my buddies about the situation but they also feel helpless for me. What the heck, given a choice you memang want to stay in the company, do whatever it takes, at least you still got a job.

My boss called me after lunch “ please come and see me”, I was happy thinking that maybe he knew what happened and he wanted to give me an explanation. As I sat down, he asked me to do some nonsense job and that’s all. Nothing else to say to me! I told him about what happened this morning and he said “I don’t know, your transfer was not approve, go ask the bigger boss, I don’t take care of that Sub Region now.” What?!?!??! You are my boss and you said this to me?!?!?!?!!??! I knew he is a bastard all this while, but each and every time he gives me new surprises.

I went back to my seat, still don’t understand how can I have a boss like this, and how did I live with it for the past 12 months or so. My mind was a total mess, I myself do not what do I want for my future. At one hand, I do not want to continue with the tedious and massive work of events marketing, at the other hand I do not want to get into a job that is solely administrative paperwork. At one hand, I want a job that is more settled down, less travelling, at the other hand I want to have a career pathway in event marketing. And the two hands keep on fighting.

I finally got the courage to walk into the bigger boss office to ask him what is going on here. He seems surprise with what happened also (which is to my very surprise). This Mr. BB acts as though it is so real, so solid and it is just a prank?!?!? I feel like I am being fooled like “gotcha call” or “candid camera”. Can somebody tell me what is going on?!?!?!??!?!?!?