Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Can I ask a question?

There are a few things I don’t quite understand and I hope that some of you will help to find out the answer, give me the answer or just tell me the truth.

I went for cinema to catch the TERMINATOR movie last night, was it a good show? I don’t think so, I feel dizzy after the first half an hour when the camera swivel here and there, and I felt sleepy the next half an hour trying to figure out who is good and who is bad. Anyway, that’s not the point, the point is I was freezing cold in the cinema even though I have put on my jacket!

Why do they have to make the air cond so so so cold that I almost feel like I am watching cinema in the north pole. Next time maybe I will have to bring my winter jacket only enough to keep myself warm. I reckon that sometimes there are specific reasons businessmen do certain things to torture customers for their own benefits. I heard they make the seat super uncomfortable in the restaurant so that you won’t hang on too long, they make the snacks super salty in karaoke so that you will order more drinks, but why make the cinema so cold? I can’t figure out.

This week has been a very pleasant week for me because I can wake up 15 minutes late in the morning every day and I can continue to do so for another week. Why? Because it is now school holiday for 2 weeks, that’s the most enjoyable time for me even I am no longer schooling.

But then ar.. You mean the school children in primary school in secondary school they are drive to school? Cannot be right? Or you mean all the papa or mama send them to school? Also cannot be right? Or you mean they leave their house and go to school at eight o’clock? Cannot be. Or you mean all the school are in town center? Cannot be also. Oh, I know now. You mean the number of cars to send children to school more than the number of us going to work? I scratch my head and I can’t figure out.

Another situation that puzzles me every time it happens is the jam on the road when it rains. Not to say thunder storm, even just drizzling will make the whole KL road jam x3. An half 45 minutes trip home could be doubled or tripled when it rains. It is the same road, the same route, the same car, the same driver, why must we stuck in the jam? Because the road is slippery? Just that simple? And many times we were stuck in the jam for hours and suddenly the road become smooth somewhere down the road, where was the jam? I don’t know, why was the jam? I don’t know. Is this called jam? I don’t know.

One last question, why is Milo just so tasty?


Author of my Life said...

Ans1: Aircon so cold so can keep u awake, not to fall asleep during the show. Besides, keep out the weird ordour.
(ps: I dont like Terminator also!)

Ans2: No idea also. I guess maybe all the parents also wake up late during their kids school holidays as they dont have to prepare them to school =P

Ans3: Every driver tends to slow down during rainy days. Keep pressing the carbreak. That's why always jam unreasonly during even hujan renyai-renyai!

Ans4: Milo is so tasty because it's milo...

Muahahaha...just my wild guess in answering your bloody question...make sense???? ^_6

e said...

The answer to question 3 is: human error and road capacity. Dun understand izzit? Haiya, read here:

The answer to question 4 is: Milo has Actigen-E, Protomalt, and free 200g.

Jonnie said...

if cinema cold, you complain. my room hot, you complain. nei siong dim????

Kenny said...

ans 1: bcoz the aircon is centralized aircon and the cinema management hardly (or never bother) to care for audiences

ans 2: minus all the parents that need to send children to school, the school bus and "illegal" school van, therefore, the traffic is smoother

ans 3: bcoz of all the freaking bloody hell driver that drive 40km/h on the suppose to be "fast" lane

ans 4: milo is tasty bcoz maybe got drug inside gua. hahaha....

gHoStdAnCeR said...


reply to ans1: hot keep people awake, cold make people sleepy la

reply to ans2: erm.. now i see parents also enjoy school holiday

reply to ans3: every driver = you mean you too do the same?

reply to ans4: i like

gHoStdAnCeR said...


the research is just so right, many times we were stucked in the jam for no visible and logical reasons, geram..

gHoStdAnCeR said...


reply to ans1: if the mgmt don't care, they won't bother to maintain and the air cond won't blow at full blast, it will consume more electrivity and waste more money right

reply to ans2: i hope somebody can do the statistics

reply to ans3: haha

reply to ans4: finally now i know why, this must be it, lol

zewt said...

air cond... it's truly a mystery. and it's a damn waste of resources... contribute to global warming.

parents take leave to go holiday with their kids, thus less cars. this is the truth.

rain... everyone wanna go home, and drive slower.

milo... it sucks.

e said...

Q3: With the Malaysian habit of watching accidents, there won't be a cure for this.

Q4: Americans also scratch their heads wondering why on earth does people in the East like Milo so much. They only drink Nesquik, Ovaltine and hot chocolate.