Monday, 17 March 2008

R&D wedding (2)

“Erm..Uncle, can I marry your daughter?” “Erm.. Ladies and gentleman, I’ve decided to marry R.” “ Uncle, aunty, goh goh, jie jie, R and I will be getting married soon.” No good no good!! How should I start the topic?

I wonder how many times all these statements came across D’s mind have. Yes, he is the husband-to-be of my beloved R. Yes, they have decided to settle down. But, both their parents are not aware of this yet.

Haha, this is the tricky part. R and I was just discussing maybe she should bring along a camera on the big night and record each and every words he whisper, how he make his confession and how he commit himself to take care of her for the rest of his life, for richer for poorer, till death do them part.

You may not want to keep this for yourself, you may remember exactly how you feel for the first one week, but memory will fade, be it yours or his or everybody else. So remember to take from me the camera, and show the recording to your first born child and tell them “ See, this is how your mummy got trapped last time.”

Of course R was not tricked into marriage by his sweat talk, D has got ONE valid reason why R should marry him. Shhh… this you can not tell your children ya, else they will bully their dad later.

“ Oh darling, after a thorough consideration and much preparation, I hereby hand to you a wedding proposal on the year 2008 for the following reason, which is also the one and only reason: I notice that you do not like to do housework, you could leave your maggie bowl unwashed for weeks until worms are spreading on top of it, you could changed your bed sheet without bringing the used one to laundry for months, by saying this I am not trying to say that you are a messy person, I know you like cleanliness but sometimes you are just too lazy to handle all these chores. If you marry me, I will guarantee that you have a clean and tidy house everyday you come home, I can even take care of your father’s laundry (which I am already doing now), with this I can see a more cheerful you with less stressful life and we will live happily ever after.”


Anonymous said...

taklar paham

gHoStdAnCeR said...

sebab hang tak baca episod pertama dalam bahasa cina..