Thursday, 3 April 2008

Will that one day ever come? (part 1)

Today he said it out, “I don’t like you to push me, I’ll marry you when the time is right.” Ginny doesn’t know what does it means in the eye of a man, for there is a tremendous different of how man and woman interpret things they see, things they heard and things they think.

It’s not the first time that Ginny brought up the marriage issue in the past weeks, she feels insecure with the relationship when Samuel shows no intention to settle down with her in anyway. All this started with an incident last month...

There were hanging out in a shopping complex, Ginny went in to the boutique and Samuel to the sport shop, they meet in the concourse area and Samuel asked “So where have you been?” “I went to see the bridal fair on the other end?” Ginny answered happily after looking at the gorgeous photos and the gowns galore.

It hit her hard when Samuel replied “why do you so want to get married?” She doesn’t understand why her boyfriend said that to her, she thought he was not most inappropriate person in the whole universe to say this to her. She thought by saying so Samuel is clearly indicating that he has no intention whatsoever to marry her.

She did not confront Samuel right away, she kept it to herself and she was trying to convince herself that he does not mean what he said (like he used to before). Until there was this day she sat down with the mom and told her the incident, her mom was agitated for Samuel being so mean and inconsiderate to the girlfriend. She strongly advised her to reevaluate the relationship to see where it will bring them.

Ginie has not spoken to anyone else on this matter again because she is ashamed to be mocked by her own boyfriend like this. And with the response like this when she finally decided to speak up for herself, she just lost her way to convince herself that this man wants her in anyway…

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