Friday, 4 April 2008

will that one day ever come? (part2)

There were times when Ginny woke up and think of Samuel the first thing, she thought it only happened when you are madly in love. This morning she wakes up and feels like the oxygen is not pumping in to the lung or the airway is blocked by concrete cements, she still think of Samuel but this time with pain and sorrow.

Ginny feels like she is living in her own tiny world with Samuel alone, she can’t talk to anybody about him, she can’t tell that she is upset over him, she can’t tell that she needs some advice or so. Everybody, literally everybody around her ask him to leave Samuel. If she ever has grudges on the relationship, they will just stare at her and say “see, that’s what you get when you don’t listen to us”.

She remember the time when she told one of her buddy about their relationship and the buddy confronted her “ don’t you have any better choice?” she did not argue with her for she thinks that she knows what she sees in Samuel and she needs not explain to anybody about it. At that point of time, she really thought she can spend the rest of her life with Samuel.

First thing that hit her mind was that will Samuel remember this when he wake up like me? Samuel always tells her that you forgive and forget for you do not keep grudges. But the problem now is not about forgive and forget, no one has done anything wrong in the relationship, but no one is going anywhere in the relationship either. She wishes somebody just tell her if she should go on and to u-turn.

Ginny tells herself that she must let go and not gets herself on the nerve with this man. Why did she allows Samuel to stir her emotion drastically only by words he did not mean it or words he did not aware he say it or words he did not remember how or why he said it. She very much wants to run away to clear her mind but she is afraid that Samuel will say she is just an ostrich hiding herself under the sand, she also afraid that Samuel will say she does not consider his feeling by asking for a break.

Why on earth does a girlfriend cares so much about what the boyfriend says and does not have her own stand? We’ll continue when I find out more...

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