Thursday, 24 April 2008

my super nanny (2)

It’s been some times since my boss assistant first arrived in our work place, he was doing alright since the emergency exit incident, except some grudges like “I really think you did not do a good job to welcome me and bring me around, I am disappointed with your hospitality” Well, even the country biggest boss comes also he does not required us to do such things, furthermore this is not the first time he works in overseas and why does he expects this special treatment from me?

I told him the way I see it is that he has made many friends and joined many leisure activities group, went to Genting 2 times within a month and lose some money (padan muka), he tactfully replied “That’s because you did not do your job so I have to live on my own and find my own friends and my own activities. Sometimes I so hate to go home after work because I can do nothing except to read novel. I wish to have more fun and more excitements in this new venture.” Oh poor thing, I almost see the tears dropping from his cheek..

There are times when we have heart to heart chat, to share his wife’s adventures to Europe, his cutie son’s learning to utter, his frustration in works, his personal investments and so on and so on like we are good old friends. He told me how is it like to be a father, to be in a management position and share many thoughts in his wide angle. Imagine he is only of my same age, but he has worked in various countries, held different positions, married with kid, somehow I admire him for being able to achieve so much in the same life span.

But today something bad triggered me to write about his scandal again..

It was after a dainty lunch with two fellow colleagues, I was all prepared to sit down in my place, put on the ear piece to listen to Gary’s album I just obtained, eat the juicy mango bought from the food stall. He came to me and said “ This and that project, we have to look into it as soon as possible because the regional head is very concern on the..” before he could even finish the sentence, I saw his hand approaching my ear piece left on the table and the grab it hard, grab it quick.

“NO!!!!” I nearly scream looking at him, he said “ I need it” and he ran into the room. How on earth does he need the ear piece during office hours to the extent that he has to rob it from me? What on earth could it be so urgent that you must listen to when he is alone in the room? Why can’t he just ask politely with or without giving any reason or make up a reason or anything more civilized? I cannot find myself any reason. Can you?

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e said...

Pls bitch-slap him. I can't stand it anymore: Let me do it myself! :p