Tuesday, 8 April 2008

will that one day ever come? (part 3)

There’s no news from Ginny for many days, she left the country for business trip which she thinks is absolutely just in time. She was amazed when Samuel came to her house the night before she left and said nothing about “the issue”. She was trying hard to stay cool and keep a distance to make her more secure from the harm.

Samuel thought he drove all the way to Ginny’s place and watched her packing and doing chores and get ready to bed without much words spoken. He thought he tried his best to “pujuk” her by lowering his voice, holding her close and hugging her tight. Yet Ginny was still angry and chose to ignore him.

Ginny thought he drove all the way to her place feeling so at home, Samuel was comfortably lying on her bed reading news online while she packed, he was talking to her like nothing happened yesterday, he was holding her close like he did every time when she was angry, he was hugging her tight to sleep when Ginny was weeping in the dark. Ginny was not angry at him, she was waiting for him to patch back and she was disappointed.

Ginny has not felt so lonely before, she thought they were living in the same space in different planet. Samuel looked at her and asked her not to cry, with no other words of comfort except “ I don’t like you to cry.” Gosh.. another bang on the head for Ginny.

Now that she can finally have some breath away from Samuel, she sees herself in a better picture. She was putting Samuel as the source of her happiness and her source of acknowledgement that she is good and loving girlfriend. She put too much hope on the blunt and naive boyfriend to flank her with sweet talk and fancy romantic acts for he was termed as hopelessly romantic once upon a time.

It has been 352 days since Ginny and Samuel first met, she could not believe a year has passed within blink of eyes, it was from hopeless romantic time to the hopeless time for romantic. She used to want a practical and realistic boyfriend yet realistic seems not practical to her now.

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