Sunday, 13 April 2008

will that day ever come? (part 4a)

Maybe some of you will be happy some of you will be not, but Ginny and Samuel finally break up. Ginny could not hold her tears when she heard how much efforts Samuel put in to the relationship and get nothing in return, for all this while she was the one thinking that she has already give in a lot. It suddenly rang a bell in her mind that maybe they were never in love, they were both looking for somebody to love them and they found exactly the wrong person.

She was not aware that all the small little things that she think a boyfriend should and would and be happy to do so are difficult chores for Samuel, she was not aware that Samuel was reading her diary and think that she was not considerate to put all the blame on him, she was not aware that Samuel think she does not appreciate his hard work. “Whether or not I pick you up from the airport and bring you out for dinner and send you home, it all comes to zero because I can never meet your expectations.”

Ginny was heart broken when she heard this, she cried like the first time she cried when Samuel confessed to her long time ago. That was the first time Samuel really moves her when he said “I will not want to hurt you in anyway, I have considered all the relevant factors and consequences and I want you to be happy to be with me” But now she is not sure who is hurting who but she feels suffocated thinking about how Samuel was not treated right by the one he loves

She does not know how bad will it hurts when all this gets over, she does not know how long will her heart burns when Samuel no longer hers, she does not even knows if she is doing the right thing but she could not bear seeing Samuel feeling helpless with the ever demanding girlfriend. She remembers he once told her “I want you to be happy, with or without me”. Ginny knows Samuel could do so, so she left him.

There were no fighting, there were no screaming, maybe they both know it is best for both of them, how else could a lover feel like stranger could get together, they could not even talk the same wave length, they could not even think the same channel, they could not even love the way the other person wants it to be.

They were both happier when they were not couples, maybe they were never meant to be. That’s all I could say as an outsider, time will tell if they are in love, if they love each other or they only love themselves.


Anonymous said...

life move on

Anonymous said...

A girl realized she wanted her love back not wanting to be hurt again.

The guy said "no". The girl cried out to God, "If it was meant to be, why did I lose him?"

God replied, "you didn't lose juz let him go!"

When you love someone, don't expect that person to love you back the same amount.

One of you will be ahead, the other behind. It's either you catch up or the other waits.


Anonymous said...

True love hears what is not spoken, and understands what is not explained,

For love doesn't work in the mouth, nor the mind, but in the heart...

When you love, you must not accept anything in return,

For if you do, you're not loving but investing.

If you love, you must prepare to accept pain,

For if you expect happiness, you're not loving but using.