Sunday, 4 January 2009

Repot Polis

Kata Aduan:

Pada jam lebih kurang 2:30 petang 04/01/09 semasa saya sedang berjalan kaki di Taman Suntex, Cheras untuk pergi ke kereta saya tiba-tiba telah datang dari arah belakang sebuah m/sikal no WMH 5624, jenis tidak pasti, warna biru yang dinaiki oleh bangsa tiday pasti telah manarik beg tangan saya dan selepas itu terus melarikan diri ke arah mana saya tidak pasti. Di dalam beg tangan saya mengandungi:-
1) Beg tangan Gucci
2) Dompet Prada
3) Handphone Vodafone 720
4) Handphone LG KG 800
5) Camera Sony T710
6) Wifi USB Card
7) Kad Pengenalan
8) Lesen Memandu
9) Kad ATM Maybank
10) Kad Kredit Maybank / Citibank
11) Wang tunai

Sekian laporan saya.

Today is indeed a sad day for me, my bag was snatched as described in the above mentioned police report, no injuries reported, just a slight bruises on my right hand (in which I don’t even have camera to take photos for you to see).

Of course the worst damage was made in the heart, to which all contacts are lost. Yes friends who treat you as friend will contact you no matter how. But there are some friends whom you may not have kept in touch, but you just don’t want to forget them.

What made me upset was the troubles it take to get all the replacement identity card, credit card, atm card and all other cards. Even to make the police report we had to go to two different police stations because one of them are officially “offline”.

I do not know why and how I did not take out the camera which is of no use already from the handbag, only if I could have taken it out the day before, it saves so much to the damages I suffered from. The same applies for the Wifi USB adapter and Free Movie Vouchers I didn’t mention in the report.

However, I consider myself lucky for not buying a new handphone in time, it was always in my itinerary to buy a new handphone for myself as the LG chocolate is dying off long time ago. Too bad for the limited edition Vodafone given by the companyL

Not to even mention about the Gucci handbag and Prada wallet which constitutes to the biggest lost in this incident.

I can only look at it in the most positive light I can see, to let go the past and start a new year with new handbag, new handphone and new everything else. Not a bad idea after all ya?


Kenny said...

most importantly, u are not injured from this incidents.
new things in new year is not a bad idea at all. :-)

Author of my Life said...

OMG...wad a bad news!!! Thanks god you have no injuries...dont worry,"old things not gone, new things wont come"...