Monday, 2 June 2008

Stupid thoughts on 1st of June

Well, who does not know today is the 1st of June? What’s the big deal with 1st of June? Or rather what’s wrong with 1st of June? Every year in the history we have never missed the 1st of June, it is the 152nd day in the Gregorian** calendar, and there are simply 213 days remaining until the end of the year. If we walk down the memory lane, we may come across the following:

In 1958 - Charles de Gaulle brought out of retirement to lead France by decree for six months. 1 June 1968, an Australian actor and singer called Jason Donovan were born. 1 June 1978, FIFA World Cup kicks off in Argentina with a match held in Buenos Aires between cup holder West Germany and Poland. 1 June 1998, an American actor called Darwin Joston had past away.

It’s okay if you do not know who is Charles de Gaulle or Jason Donovan or Darwin Joston, I do not know all of them either, because this people just had nothing to do in our life. And the story I’m going to tell you today also have nothing to do with you. It’s okay if you decided to stop reading, go ahead, you have nothing to lose.

On the 1st of June 2008, I do not what the big thing or small thing is coming up today, but in the tiny universe of mine, it has many significant days in the month of June. 8 June, I will finally complete a course, which I consistently attended at 8:30 Sunday morning for 6 consecutive weeks, 17 June, my company is participating in the biggest event in the Asia Pacific where no milestone in the initial plan has achieved so far, which I continue to have nightmares over it again and gain, 21 June, my best friend ever will dump me and flee away with a another guy by the name of “her legally married husband”, which made me heart broken (I am not lesbian, but she is really my best friend)

Seems like there are so many hick up in this disastrous month of June, but same time last year I started to believe in fantasy, because fantasy sometimes give hopes in life and I hope this fantasy will go on for ever ( though before this I never believed in forever).

P/S: Gregorian calendar is the calendar we are now using; base on astronomical year numbering, other calendar widely use today includes Lunar calendar and Islamic calendar.

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when i read ur article....i thought u r studying in sejarah course.... (^_^!!

i'm ah lim lah...haha