Tuesday, 24 June 2008

a depressed diary

Why do I have brain but cannot think
Why do I have mouth but cannot speak
Why do I have hands but cannot move
Why do I have legs but cannot run

Why do I have myself
Yet I am not in charge of it

I always thought I have happy family
Until I found they have no been close at all
I always thought I have a good job
Until I am the only one left in office at wee hour
I always thought that I have pleasant look
Until I hate the reflection I see over the mirror

Why do I think only stupid complaints
When I can use it for constructive matters
Why do I speak of the sarcastic mourn
When I can voice out to seek for help
Why do I move with lack of confide
When I can write for a new resume
Why do I run into unsolvable trouble
When I can look for a greener pasture

I always thought I am a cheerful person
Until I found that I am severely emotional
I always thought I am a lucky person
Until I only have days and night of work
I always thought I know a lot of things
Until I show no wisdom in things I do

Why do I love myself
Yet I found so many flaws in it


DragonFLyer said...

Someone once told me:
'Just hang on there, you suffer now because double happiness will come in due time..'

gHoStdAnCeR said...

glad that you remember that someone:)