Sunday, 22 June 2008

I don’t want a boyfriend..

It is now left 96 hours before I reach the age of 29, it’s a common question people around me ask “ when are you getting married?” or “ when is your turn?” on friends’ wedding dinner or even “ aren’t you worry if nobody marries you?”. Well, it’s a lie if I tell you I am not looking forward to meet my prince charming or my knight in the white horse or I’m not worry that I will live a single life forever. But what is it that I must get married, because everybody is doing so, or because everybody is doing so that I will have no more friends to hang out with or because I just need a husband no matter what.

I once discuss with Gloria, a friend that is my same age about how are we to survive without a boyfriend. Gloria proclaimed that she look forward a marriage as soon as possible, not because she feels lonely or she need some man to protect her, but it is the biological clock that is pressuring her to get a husband. True love can be found at any age, even when you are on your dying bed, but the fertility of a woman passes without you noticing you and once the clock stop clicking. Voila, you can’t bear children anymore. And I subscribe to the idea that no family is complete without a kid or two.

Gloria is a very domineering career women, she knows her business very well. In her scope of work, nobody can pick any mistakes made by her and nobody dares to challenge her in any extent. Normally people will just ring her department up and request for things to get done without saying thank you, but when it comes to her, people will actually have to lower their voice and politely ask “ Gloria, sorry to trouble you, but could you help me to do so and so?” in a shivering tone.

Hence, many men were intimidated by her, not to say to court her but even to be her friends alone. In a dining table, she does all the talking, the commenting, the teasing and the joking. Man comes into no use in front of her. Now you may think she is for sure not pretty that’s why nobody is attracted to her. She is petite, fair, have bright round eyes and she will shower you with tender loving care once you step into her “ fort of social distance”.

She once told me “We are not the leftover my dear, we are just too good that no man dares to approach us for they are not confident to handle us, they want woman that is easy to handle to fulfill their egoistic nature, and they want submissive woman that they can boss around so that they can be the head of the family. And one day I am sure that our Mr Right will knock on our door for only them knows the true values in us and to bring out the best in us” Though it is a little bit boastful ( just a little la), I do hope that one day my prince charming will come and bring me to the wonderland but not the grave of all love.


Anonymous said...

well well...the pressure among yur marriaged fren is high but dont let tat get into u. Juz be yurself & let the nature take it course (can use ar?? this phrase in here :p)
All auntie x2 is like tat when after married liao bcos they wan u join them in their auntie talk ma :p

e said...

Relationship is a two-way street. Ask not only what he can give you but also what you can give him. Alas, our world is a fallen world and we'll always be falling short until the final day. Lest we be tempted to boast, remember that pride may precede fall. Humility is always in fashion with God. Between the ways of this world and His way, choose wisely and you will be rewarded.

zewt said...

that statement is very boastful indeed. if the same is to come from a man, he will be call a chauvinist pig...

if a girl wants a mr right to appear, she must first be miss right.