Sunday, 22 June 2008

1, 2, 3 wake up or break up

Tiffany think she has spent enough time on Marco to find that they are not meant for each other. It is not a fight that they had, but they never had a fight through out the realtionship. Marco is the type of man that rarely lose his temper, whatever comes to him, he will talk to Tifanny nicely and sort thing out for he has never raise his voice to her. But to Tiffany, she just can not take it when she is ferociously angry and Marco still remians his calm and try to cool her down. In three attempts if she does not let go, he will give up and go back to his own work for he thinks that he has done his part and it’s up to Tiffany whether she wants to take it.

Tiffany feels that she is nobody whenever Marco did this to her. She wants a boyfriend that cares about her feeling and not just finish doing his part leave her alone. It is good that Marco allow her some time to cool down whenever she throws her tantrums and as the temperature cool off, the nerves get relaxed and the mind is cleared, chances are she realize that there is in fact nothing important that she was upset about. It could probably be a over board joke or a insensitive gestures or just a unpolite staring that Tiffany is not happy about. But she just hates it when Marco shows his indifference to her that life goes on whether or not you are happy with him.

Take this example, Tiffany has this afternoon noon routine every weekend. She will display various “ low level of energy” symptoms very afternoon on Saturday and Sunday for her body will switch to sleeping mode when the sun rise on top of her. She will have no appetite to eat, no strength to walk and no mood to talk, all she wants to do is just sleep and everything will be better after that.

Today, as usual Tifanny took her afternoon nap and Marco was busy online to read the football news. Being a light sleeper, she was not comfortable when Marco was shaking his leg on the bed, she was also not comfortable when the newly installed air cond made her sweat under the 18 degree temperature and when she finally dose off into deep sleep, Marco wake her up in a gentle matter and said it’s time to leave for football.

Waking up on the wrong side of bed, Tiffany was very agitated and annoyed, she feels like she has to live her life in accordance with Marco’s phase. When he is busy with his own movie, album, football etc, she has to find her own entertainment. But when he is free to talk to her, she has to stopped everthing that she is doing and listen to him. With a sour face and twisted mood, Tifanny packed her bag and get to her car.

Unaware of his wrong doing (or was he just being so unattentive), Marco wanted to kiss her goodbye, and Tifanny turn her face away. On the second attempt, Marco said don’t be like that and Tiffany turn her face away. On the third attempt, Marco said I’m sorry and Tiffany turn her face away still. So Marco closed the door and walked back to the house leaving Tiffany alone.

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Anonymous said...

hahah..nice story....cant blame the guys always...
something thing knock on the guy without knowing wat happen, it better to keep quiet & stay away while...but sure the next day he come for u with a big flower (bcos next day sudah cool down ma) :p