Sunday, 22 June 2008

I hate my girlfriend

I have this little girlfriend
She likes to act like princess
I have to give her tender loving care
All the time, every single seconds in my life

I met her in her darkness day
Where she has no one left to rely on
I become her knight in the shining armor
To protect her from the world full of depravation

I like her bubbly and cheerful manner
The way she laughs on all that I tell her
I was amazed when she met with a car accident
And still drive her crooked car for her dance lesson

She weeps in tears when I told her I love her
She waits for me to come home when I was away
She made her first cross stitch for my Christmas present
She even check put baking lesson to make cheese cake for my birthday

But the veil of the happiness was revealed
Now I see her true colour under the fake laughters
She is just a green monster in disguise in a fairy outfit
She is just an icon of emotion outburst every 20 seconds

She could not make up her mind over everything
She could not live up her life for her own purpose
She always thirst for my attention like a hungry serpent
She always put me to blame whether or not it’s my fault

I can’t take it anymore
I do not want to be a servant
I do not want to marry a chaotic lass
I want to live my life the way I want it to be

But I do not know how to say it
I do not know how I will break her heart
I wish I know how to break the spell
And make her the little girl that I always love


Anonymous said...

is tat yur other side of u ? hahah

DragonFLyer said...
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DragonFLyer said...

Not so pathetic rite ..?

gHoStdAnCeR said...

i don't know, i hope not..