Thursday, 16 October 2008

AJ had a dream

AJ : I had a dream last night

GD : What about?

AJ: I dreamt of robbers broke in to my house

GD: Then?

AJ: I was so afraid when they found the safe box in the cupboard

GD: Why?

AJ: Because there is no money inside and I do not know how to open the safe box

GD: Huh?

AJ: I bought it ages ago and never bother to even learn how to use it. If I tell that to the
robbers, they will sure think I'm playing a fool with them

GD: So?

AJ: I woke up, I walked straight to the safe box, read the manual, fix the password and I feel so much relived now.

GD: Good

AJ: Yeah, even if robbers come next time I will know how to open the safe box for them.