Thursday, 16 October 2008

28 days: what your cycle reveals about your love life, mood and potential

This is the title of a book a buddy gave to me as a present before she shift to her new house, at the first page of the book, there’s this sweet message from her: A simple and yet special gift for you to know yourself better when I’m not conveniently around for you!

Though I don’t enjoy the book as much as I thought I would be, I always keep it in my office drawer, sometimes to flip on a particular day to see how the hormone affects my life or sometimes just to look at it ( it feel nice even just with the thought that she cares about me)

I remember she shared how she finds the book useful because it helps her to understand why she behaves differently at different time of the month. Say there are certain days she will think twice before she go shopping and certain days she just feel like splashing the money away.

I was amazed at first as I know for sure hormones do affect us in much way: how we feel, who we like, what we shop, when we eat etc. I was hoping that the book will give me some tips on how to deal with this inevitable change in my body, especially to break free from the PMS symptoms.

After reading it on and off several times, now only I found out that it’s actually a horoscope based on the body's own natural hormone cycle. Using so called scientific research, it claimed to be able to predict what practically every aspect of the day will be like based solely on the ups and downs of their monthly hormones.

I learnt a new term called “Hormonology” today, quoted from their website “Once you know how your hormones affect you every day, you know what your day is going to be like. Then, you'll learn the best days of your cycle to do practically everything such as: ask for a raise, flirt with your crush, plan a vacation, have the most fulfilling sex.” ?!?!?!

Although I don’t believe in horoscope or fortune telling, probably many of you out there would like to explore something new just for the fun of it, you can find out more information about the hormonology at

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