Tuesday, 27 May 2008

How man suffers from PMS

According to the wikipedia, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a collection of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle. While most women of child-bearing age have some premenstrual symptoms, women with PMS have symptoms of "sufficient severity to interfere with some aspects of life". Such symptoms are usually predictable and occur regularly during the two weeks prior to menses.

During this period of time, man on the other hand would become the victims of the following symptoms:

Huh? Was there a typo mistake in the previous paragraph? Man would suffer or woman would suffer from “that time of the month again” symptoms? For man out there who has girlfriend or wife would understand, woman are not the only victim suffering from the PMS (some man called it Pre-Monster Stage, which match perfectly well, during this awful period their loving and caring would turn into hatred and wrath of fire ), hence they also become the second hand victim from the above.

Calvin was so frustrated when every month like clockwork, Jennifer come down with a strange collection of symptoms. She becomes extremely irritable, snapping at Calvin many times without the slightest provocation. One second ago, she was just complaining about how life is bored, and the next second she yelled at him and said “I hate you!” Calvin was stoned and wondering erm… what have I done wrong again this time? Is this for not making enough effort to make her life wonderful? Or just for not giving her the full attention she seeks for when she claims that she is now very depressed? He could never understand why Jennifer always trying to make his life difficult using the lousy PMS excuse.

Daniel on the other hand has done a full research on what is PMS and he fully understands that Rachel can’t control her emotions due to the hormone changes in her body. He could even work out the schedule in the calendar, yup, this is about time of the monster release again. Before the tantrum smack on his face, he would comfort Rachel by saying “ yes, I understand why you are sensitive and over emotional, if you feel better just by throwing the temper to me, I will surely bear with it, I want to go through this with you together” It works almost all the time that the fire in Rachel would put off at least half and she begin to gain consciousness again.

In the British court room, PMS has been widely used as a legal defense for crime since 1980s. Owen, an arsonist whose did the crime during PMS was free given expert opinion, Reynolds, who murdered her mother when suffering PMS and postnatal depression, was freed on appeal. A girl even ran her car into the boyfriend an killed him after a row with her boyfriend, the murder charge was reduced to manslaughter after the doctor testified that her blood sugar had fallen, causing a surge of adrenaline due to severe PMS and not eaten for nine hours.

So man why risk your life when PMS is a temporary condition and it will pass with time. Your girlfriend will likely be back to her normal self within a few days. Just have some patience, If she wants to be by herself, give her some space. If she wants to be with you a lot and is acting clingy, make sure that you are around for her. If she wants to talk, lend her an ear. If she seems like she wants a hug or a kiss, kindly oblige. Let her dictate the relationship during this time.

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zewt said...

cant be that bad... if u find the right person... PMS can be vaccinnated.