Sunday, 31 May 2009

How Bill Gates cured her PMS

Today I am going to talk about PMS (again ar!??!??!). Yes, again. Is is the never ending battle between me and the hormone, it was last year same time I wrote about PMS and until now I have found no solutions to it. And today I’m going to share with you a success story how this woman LJ who overcome her PMS problem with Bill Gate’s help. You mean Bill Gates is now venturing into woman’s health business? Continue to read and you will find out later.

LJ hates the word hormones, it is the magic spell that cast a decent understanding woman into a unreasonable fierceful monster, every month, wihout fail. Imagine a full quarter of our productive years was trapped in this PMS jail, say we have menses from the age of 13 to 53, over the aspan of this 40 years, the PMS takes up 25% of the time, which is 9.2 years, 110 months, 480 weeks, 3360 days, 80640 hours in our life, and what? You tell me there is nothing we can do about it??

So LJ used this “Entourage”, Microsoft's information-management program for Mac users, to send monthly reminder to the husband and herself one week before her PMS at every 28 cycle. If I ever set this program for myself, the message surely turn out like this “WARNING! HAZARDOUS & DESTRUCTIVE MONSTER IS COMING IN 7 DAYS TIME”. LJ thought this would solve all the problems as the husband understand it is the hormones that is starting the culprit behind the monthly fight.

For me I really think PMS is a magnifying glass in my life, but this maginifying glass is defected as it can only ENLARGE INDEFINITELY the small little invisible flaws and mistakes and keep it pop up in front of of eyes every 0.000023 seconds, so we see nothing but the ugliest side of human mankind, the husband or boyfriend in particular. So back to the story, LJ thought if the husband have get to know the PMS in advance, he would have be more alert and guess what man just can’t be bothered about this female hormones stuff. LJ gets even more frustrated when the fight still go on month after month.

Until one day she realized that it was not the husband responsibility to indulge her. She expects the husband to be more tolerant during that time of the month, to be more patient during that time of the time. But wait, whose problem is the PMS now? The wife or the husband? She shifted her mindset to deal with the problem face to face. Instead of expecting the husband to work on it when he sees the reminder, she chose to work on herself seeing the reminder, she chose to deal with the hysteric, unreasonable, moody and depressed self every month.

She prepared herself for a potentially tense week when she received the reminder, she has the awareness in her subconscious to start the battle. She knows this is just going to be temporary, the normal loveable self wil be back just a few days and all things will be beautiful again. So she grab a chocolate bar, tell the husband “I’m PMSing”. Cool huh?

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