Thursday, 12 March 2009

Why is this happening?

Today I got home and my mom told me that one of the neighbours was snatched out side her house few hours ago. Gosh, it was just one row behind our house, “Three man on a motorcycle whack the old lady on her back with a stick of wood of metal and took away her hand gold necklace from her..”

And she continued, “No serious injuries reported, and by the way your sister also got robbed few days ago.” Huh? What on earth is this?!?!?!??! I was snatched just two months ago and now my sister? In the same housing estate and literally the same road that we walk pass every day?

My brother looked at me left right center and said “Make sure you don’t wear any jewelry on the road, these people are crazy now.” According to my sister, she was walking out with her two children to buy some groceries at the shop lot near our house. She saw a motorcycle driving very slowly towards her and she could smell something fishy went on, she kept herself closer to the side of the road and she saw the motorcyclist turning into another road.

Before she could even let go her suspicious breath, the motorcyclist came again from the corner, and the culprit at the back took out a “saw-like object” and grab her golden necklace away. She was shouting and struggling but once again the robbers went away easily without anyone noticing. Guess what, the two robbers were not wearing any helmets and my sister could look straight into their face (but so what, police can’t do anything to help at all)

I do not know why this phenomenon is happening all around? Even now that two months has passed by, I am still paranoid whenever any motorcyclist coming any where between 50 meters radar from me. One of my colleagues in office was robbed in the middle of the road while she was waiting for the traffic light to turn green. What happened was the motorcyclist broke the side window with his bare hand to take her handbag away, and I just had the phobia whenever my car stops for any traffic light any time any where.

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Kenny said...

wah.... long time never see u blogging liao wor.
and the 1st blog is such paranoying news that you brought up???
most importantly, have to be extra cautious and have companionship whenever u walk alone. :-)