Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sakit… Aduh…Sakit

I just came back from a Plastic and Surgery Clinic, but I still look the same like before. (?!) I was there not to be cosmetic surgery but to get treatment on my BIG BIG BCG scar. For those of you who may have paid attention, I have a thick dark scar of nearly 2 inches long at my BCG spot.

I had this since standard six or some where after the BCG injection, and I was not paying a lot of attention of the scar until one day I realize it is getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes I felt itchy and sometimes I felt extreme pain out of no where. Then I start to ask doctors what I can do about it. I remember one of the GP in government hospital once told me.

“When you have a wound on the BCG injection spot, the skin will grow back in order to cover the wound. That’s how normal skin works, but your skin being a little dump, they do not stop after they have covered the wound, that’s why it keeps growing and growing. If you were to cut it, there will be another wound and the skin will grow again to cover that wound, and you will ended up having a much bigger scar”

Since then, I gave up asking around for I thought there is nothing I can do about it. Until recently a friend of mine told me we can get rid of it by taking steroid consistently until the scar fall flat. I tried to search online I can’t find anything but the fact that keloids always come back no matter what treatment to be used. (Dumb skin! Really dumb!!)

I don’t know how and why and where I have the courage today to go to the clinic, I thought maybe to just to find out how is the procedure and what are the percentage that the scar can be flatten. The doctor said this when she first saw my arm “ I do not know how you can ensure this, you keloid is so big and now only you come to see me.”

I replied no one told me about you, else I would have come ten-twenty years ago. After a long discussion with the doctor, I found out that apparently the treatment for keloid is very common and it has been carried out in Malaysia since donkey years. No risk, no side effect, but PAIN.

Yes, I am in great pain now, doctor told me it would be pain for the first treatment, but she didn’t tell me it would be more pain after the injection. Gosh, right now I just feel like all the pain accumulated over the years are blasting out at one go.. No doubt a little bit of regret did cross my mind, all these years keloid has been living with me in harmony and I started the warfare, imagine eleven more to go..


Moon Har said...

I tot my BCG scar consider big, your one more bigger than mine.Take good care on yourself ya.

Mellisa said...

hey how much does each treatment cost?? has ur keloid getting better? pls reply, urgent!

gHoStdAnCeR said...

RM50 each jab, getting better but not perfectly smooth. I would not suggest you to take coz i prefer the look of my scar before the treatment than now..