Tuesday, 30 September 2008

when my parents go holiday

I’ve been traveling quite a lot in the past two years, I’ve learnt from checking the packing list one week in advance to packing the luggage one night before departure, things has been so routine to me now that I prefer to live on business trip more than home.

I do not worry about when to go, where to stay and how to commute anymore, the working culture here has trained me to be a “last minute” person, things will be worked out anyway, so don’t spend so much time thinking about how to work things out.

Until yesterday my parents told me “ this holiday we are going for holiday: mama is going to Sabah and papa is going to China.” What?!?! You are going on separate holiday? Nope, we are taking turn to go holiday, we have separate schedule and companion.

At first I told well it's good for them to take some time off to rest and relax, you know “parenting” job does not offer them any annual leave or sick leave through out the years. They have joined many local tours whenever they can squeeze out the time and energy to have fun a little.

When I come back from work today, my mom casually said “I use your black colour bag for my trip ya” Then so many thoughts crossed my mind over the split second: When is the flight? Where is the hotel? Who is the room mate? What is the hotel number? How is the itinerary?

I thought I do not want to over react, so I just nod my head and walk to my room. But when I was in the shower, my mind continued to wonder: What have she packed? What have she not packed? How is the weather there? How much money does she needs? I nearly want to go straight to her room and open up the luggage to check.

It feels just so strange that it’s time when we worry about our parents like they did when we were kids, I now finally understand why parents never stop worrying about their children, it is the never ending love that they have for the children. I feel so much like giving her a goodbye hug before she went to bed, but I’m worry that I may scare her off, lol.